For all of those who don’t know about Amazon MiniTv, y’all are seriously missing out. It’s a video streaming service within the shopping app that allows Amazon users to stream videos free of cost in India. This service currently streams content ranging from comedy shows, web series, fashion content, etc. MiniTv is Amazon’s second video servicing platform, the first being Amazon Prime videos. Recently, Amazon announced its exclusive line-up for comic content on MiniTv, in which India’s top comedians and creators are exclusively going showcase their talent. Tbh, these creators are 100% going to make you laugh out loud through their performance sketches and hilarious to relatable content. To see who all are a part of this and on what they’ll be creating, start scrolling right away.

Here’s the list…

1. ‘Bhootmaarike’ makeup tutorials by Ashish Chanchlani

In his inimitable style, Ashish Chanchlani will be seen showing us a sneak peek into the world of fashion and beauty content. However it will be a little different and quirky from your usual vlog, ‘cuz come on, its Ashish!

2. ‘Middle-class hacks and if relationships were corporates’ by Prajakta Koli

In this sketch, she will show us an accurate representation in a form of a masterclass on ‘just middle-class things’. MostlySane’s doing what she’s best at, as always! The second sketch that she’s going to be a part of is ‘if relationships were corporates’. It’s a pretty cool idea where she has to enact being able to pick a partner like offices choose their employees. We’re absolutely looking forward to her content here.

3. ‘Break up and friends’ by Be YouNick

Nick will be seen going through a rough breakup after which he would be reaching out to his friends, who have their own unique ways and philosophies as to how he should deal with it, ranging from humorous to witty content.

4. ‘7 stages of getting over a breakup’ by Dolly Singh

We’ve always heard about 7 stages to love but we’re quite excited to watch Dolly Singh explain 7 stages to get over a breakup. She’ll be seen taking viewers through the way we all deal with heartbreak, in a way that we can all relate, spiced with a humorous take on today’s relationships, it looks like quite an exciting mix.

5. ‘The salesman’ by Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana will be seen playing a street-smart salesman in this hilarious sketch. However, he would be dealing with an overzealous boss, jealous colleagues, and an ex-lover who won’t leave him alone. This combination would be absolutely epic to watch, wouldn’t it?

6. ‘How to survive month-end and chor pro app’ by Saloni Gaur

Firstly, this is defo for all those who find it difficult to save money till the end of the month. Saloni will be seen as a survival expert here to guide us on how to survive till the month-end with little to no money. This is a challenge, but we’re quite curious to know more about it as well. Secondly, she’ll be talking about an app that makes the life of a robber easier. An app that helps them rob efficiently and not get caught.

Well, this was it, we’re super excited to watch them create some fab content, aren’t you too? The Directors, Vijay Subramaniam and Harsh Goyal’s main aim was to cater to the varying entertainment taste of today’s internet-savvy viewers.