Here’s How Art Can Empower Us During The Pandemic

Here’s How Art Can Empower Us During The Pandemic

Suruchi Patwary

This pandemic has given birth to a ‘new normal’ for all of us. Every individual’s relationship with the changing way of life has been a unique rollercoaster of emotions. During these trying times, art has empowered us to cope with our anxieties and adapt to our new normal.

We spoke to Amrita Deora, Founder of The Designera to understand how art can empower us during the pandemic and here are some reasons by her why art can be a blissful coping mechanism during these unprecedented times.

Amrita Deora, Founder of The Designera
Amrita Deora, Founder of The Designera

1. Reduces Stress & Anxieties

Art has proven to be a tool that reduces stress and allows us to cope with anxieties. As per a recent study, by spending just 45 minutes on an art piece, an individual can experience stress reduction, enhancement of critical thinking skills, and betterment of retention as well as memory power. This can explain why art is also used as a means for therapy and psychological healing. It channels our inner awareness bringing us closer to our truest selves. This creative release allows for reduced stress and anxieties and an overall happier state of mind.

2. Induces A Flow-State-Of-Mind

A ‘flow-state-of-mind’ is best described as a period of optimal attention and minimum distraction. When one indulges in the creation of art, the mind enters a flow zone. During this period, a person experiences immense concentration. Some psychologists suggest that art creation can have a euphoric effect on one’s mind. Indulging in the art can be likened to meditation, proving to increase mindfulness.

3. The Window To Another World

In an unprecedented time where we’re confined to our homes and globe-trotting is a non-option, art becomes a cathartic escape. It serves as the window to another world, an escape of sorts for our imagination. When you are in creating or viewing exquisite art, it opens the door to a realm of untapped ideas and emotions, much like any other spiritual experience.

The art piece becomes a threshold into another universe and a portal into the divine. As German artist Richter eloquently put into words, ‘Art is making sense and giving shape to that sense. It is like the religious search for God.’

As beautiful as art may be, its resolve goes miles beyond beautifying the walls of a space. During these trying times, it has been a tool of empowerment. It has allowed us to cope with our anxieties, induce a flow state of mind and be a cathartic escape. It is a testament to the potency of this beautiful, intoxicating and powerful subject.

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