If you have a sweet tooth, just like me then you will understand there’s nothing more satisfying than scrolling through pictures and videos of desserts. Guess what, Instagram can be your sugar rush for the eyes making all dessert lovers stop, stare and crave right away. From decorated cookies to creative cake, to all sorts of chocolate, there’s no other food that pops out on my feed. Looks like Instagram is giving serious inspiration for every sweet taste. Don’t believe me? Well, then you’ve got to check out these 6 amazing baker bloggers who I stalked today to beat my Monday blues.

Let the drooling begin:

1. Shivesh Bhatia

Shivesh Bhatia is a renowned influencer in food blogging, especially baking sphere. His dessert creations will leave you speechless (and probably running to the kitchen). I was in awe of his lip-smacking mango ice-cream cake simply because of his creation, styling and capturing that gives me an instant sugar rush. If you are looking for some quality treat for the eyes then you have to check out his profile and dessert book ‘Bake With Shivesh.’

2. Dr. Rahul Mandal

First of all, Dr. Rahul’s feed will get your temptations to a point that you might get a dessert-gasm, I am not kidding! It would be a crime if I did not add this 51 layered cake picture to my list of sugar rush posts. The only thing that I can say right now is ‘Deliciosa’.

3. Pooja Dhingra

I am dying to eat these macarons, doesn’t it look delish? Well, the queen of desserts and baking, Pooja Dhingra is the owner of the famous bakery chain, Le 15 Patisserie. Her Instagram feed is fun and clearly represents her vibe and genius skills. From cupcakes to pastry to cakes to mousse you name any dessert, Pooja is a pro at desserts for all types of moods.

4. Deeba Rajpal

Deeba Rajpal is a food blogger who gives her own twist to desserts making them unique and delicious at the same time. This aesthetically yummy-looking mango cake here is making my mouth water just by looking at it. Saving this one to calm all my midnight sugary cravings visually!

5. Nastassia Johnson a.k.a. LetMeEatCake

Perhaps, the name says it all, Nastassia’s Instagram feed is high on sprinkles, icing, sugar and everything sweet. If you are willing to go on a sugary ride then this cookie will defo make you wanna check out her entire feed. Here’s my confession baking sweet things is my stress buster what about you?

6. Radhika Malhotra Arora

A self-taught baker whose feed consists of quick and easy recipes that can be prepared in no time. From cookies and granola bars to cheesecake and chocolate lava cake, Radhika will make her way right into your heart. Here’s a perfect example of why we say this statement is true. This choco lava cake right here I bet will make you agree with me too now!

No matter how full you are, it’s a well-known fact that you’ll always have room for dessert. These yummy desserts popping on your feed is absolutely making your ‘gram sweet that too quite generously. On a side note, I hope you all try out these drooling desserts while staying home and staying safe!