7 Insightful Instagram Hacks By MissMalini Trending That'll Help You Discover The App's Hidden Features

Deepal Mehta , 19 Jul 2021
Hacks (Source: Shutterstock)
Hacks (Source: Shutterstock)

Instagram started in 2010 and it’s been an amazing journey ever since. Also, Reels just completed one year a few days back, tbh time flies so quickly that now I’ve lost track of it, lol. Since Instagram too is growing every day just like human beings, there is much more to explore than what is given. Well, isn’t Instagram all about exploring? ‘Cuz I haven’t stopped looking for new features ever since I got on this app. I’ve come across a bunch of hacks and hidden features that surely made me say ‘damn, how did I not know this’. Check these out yourself if you don’t agree with me, scroll down.

Let’s show you some hacks…

1. Different fonts on Insta stories

This was a shocking discovery for me. This feature helps you add different fonts to your story section other than those that are available by Instagram as an app. This can be done through Instagram Font Generator from Google. You have to type the text you want to add to the story and copy-paste it. Isn’t it a super cool one?

2. Share screening

This has to be one of my personal faves. Tbh, this made the video calling feature so much more fun and interesting. Also, now I do pick-up calls! Instagram came up with this feature where you can share memes, videos, etc with your friends in real-time, that means during a video call. It’s super easy, all you have to do is follow the steps shown in the above Reel.

3. Reel insights

This feature was the latest one on the platform. Just before Reels completed one year, this feature was added to give it that extra boost. Everyone was in dire need to know the Reel insights and Instagram just heard it, I guess. Jokes apart, this has helped so many people to plan their content wisely.

4. Engagement insights

This feature helps in knowing which post or story gives you maximum engagement and reach. All you have to do is follow the steps shown in the Reel above and you will have answers to your questions. It indirectly tells, what kind of content would your audience want to see. This also helps create content shared by your followers, which later helps in more visibility.

5. Predefined messages for DMing

Tbh, this hack has literally saved so much of my time, I kid you not. This feature helps in making a predefined text reply for common messages. You can make multiple message replies depending on your bandwidth. The steps to do so is in the video above so don’t forget to check it out and save some of your precious time.

6. Invisible story tags

I must tell you, this is a pretty hidden feature! This hack allows you to add up to 10 hashtags without making your story look too jarring. Invisible hashtags help to maintain the story aesthetics as well as in getting more visibility. These hashtags used help your non-followers too, to see your story. It’s super easy, check the Reel above to apply this to your story.

7. Greenscreen

This is a filter that can be used to explain a piece of content to your viewers. The green screen option allows you to add a background image or a video from your gallery, after which it’ll help the speaker to talk about the content while talking to the audience in a Reel or story format. Tbh, this gives a personal touch to the content you’re curating. To use this filter, all you have to do is use the greenscreen option on the filter search bar.

Voila, these are a few hacks that we came across in the past few weeks and are still curating more such hack videos for all you beautiful viewers. To see what’s in store for you follow MissMalini and MissMalini Trending for your daily dose of entertainment. Also, I hope you’re staying indoors while we curate some fun content for you.

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