Dance videos have become quite an essential and entertaining category on Instagram Reels. Creators have been trying to raise the bar and stand out from the rest with their content. One such creator who has been making sure she stays in the trend game and also continues to make some stunning dance Reels is Nicole Concessao. This very talented creator and co-founder of Team Naach, has been acing it on the ‘gram with some phenomenal videos. Nicole has also choreographed songs that have been famous Instagram trends and well you have to see it to know how spectacular it truly is.

Scroll away to see these amazing dance choreographies…

1. Jalebi Baby

Jalebi Baby by Tesher is a trending number on Instagram and it seems to be one that may stay here for longer. I love how Nicole added the Latin touch to this dance Reel trend. Those steps, expressions and attire… Nicole is totally slaying with this one!

2. I’ll Be There For You

Not so long ago, the F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion took place and Instagrammers were seen crying, laughing, sharing memories and whatnot. And amid all of that, the theme song of the show, I’ll Be There For You, hit the Reels chartbusters. Nicole did a fun choreo around this number, and by the looks of it, imma save this one to definitely try it out later.

3. Iko Iko (My Bestie)

This Reel trend song is among the cutest numbers out there! And I just love how Nicole roped in her sister, Ria Concessao and made this video. The dance choreography is quite refreshing and the whole vibe and feel of this video just brings a sense of happiness as you watch them groove.

4. One Dance

This is one dance routine that got Instagrammers going cray, cray! While this one routine is so good that, I have watched so many creators and users of the app try it out on other songs too and hey, the routine did fit well. But I absolutely love how Nicole stuck to this dance routine for this trending Reel song and added her own vibe and twist to it.

5. Laal Bindi

Laal Bindi is one of my personal favourite numbers. And while users have created their own versions of this Reel song, this dance choreo by Nicole, left me stunned. The grace and elegance along with those moves are just fab! Kudos, gurllll!

6. Nayan

There would be a time when I would open my Instagram app and there would be at least one Reel on this song that I’d easily spot. Nicole absolutely nailed it with the dance choreography on Nayan. It’s such a fun one and totally apt for a Sangeet performances too.

7. Paani Paani

The latest trending number, Paani Paani, has got creators grooving to those amazing beats. Nicole strayed away from the OG hook step and created another one which is every bit mind-blowing. The dance choreography of this song is so good, that I have watched this Reel on loop!

8. Teri Nazaron Ne

Nicole’s acing the Instagram Reels game with yet another awesome Reel. While this audio has seen varied versions done by a number of people, I am stunned by this graceful dance version of Nicole. Love, love, love!

So, these were some amazing dance choreographies by Nicole Concessao on trending Reel songs from Instagram. With such unique, stunning videos that this talented creator keeps making, I for one am always eager to watch more of her content. While all of these Reels by Nicole are my faveee, do you have one that you specifically loved? Tell me about it in the comments. And I hope everyone is staying at home and staying safe, during these unpredictable times.