Unnati Malharkar & Manav Chhabra, Malini Agarwal, Awez & Anam Darbar (Source: Instagram | @mr.mnv @maliniagarwal @anamdarbar97)
Unnati Malharkar & Manav Chhabra, Malini Agarwal, Awez & Anam Darbar (Source: Instagram | @mr.mnv @maliniagarwal @anamdarbar97)

The ‘gram is filled with trends since the Reels came into existence, amirite? I personally love following these trends as it makes me feel a part of something amazing, ‘cuz FOMO too, LOL. Therefore, I recently jumped on one of the most viral trends on Instagram currently with my teammate, Kavisha Mody. You should defo check it out before it goes out of trend. Another popular trend that is making rounds on the ‘gram is the letter trend on the audio #KissMeMore. If you’ve not watched or heard about this one, let me tell you all about it. This trend is super fun, all that needs to be done here is to choose a letter from your name (preferably the first letter) and add a quirky meaning to it. Some of my fave creators have created such fab content on this trend, so scroll down to see their interesting and quirky meanings!

Let’s show you what they’ve got…

1. Manav Chhabra and Unnati Malharkar

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OMG, aren’t they the cutest together? They used a letter from their ship name which their fans created for them, this really is like a bonus one for all the #Unnav fans. Time and again, Unnati and Manav have proven and shown their support for each other and that’s why I love them so much.

2. Awez and Anam Darbar

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This is an accurate representation of the love-hate relationship every sibling duo shares. But that’s how it’s supposed to be as well, otherwise what’s the fun right, hehe. Atrangz members have always been looked up to for giving ‘faddu‘ twists to trends and this is just one of them. They twisted this trend in a super relatable way, so don’t forget to check it out, ‘cuz you will miss out on something super amazing.

3. Malini Agarwal

Our #BossLady herself has jumped on this trend and I’m in absolute agreement with her caption. Tbh, I love how she tweaks each trend to bring out something M-eaningful to the table with a small yet powerful message. She also has her own app called ‘Girl Tribe‘ by MissMalini where no one is going to judge your moods. So, download it right away as it’s a safe space for all the women out there.

4. Sameeksha Sud

Hahahah, raise your hands up if this is relatable to you, ‘cuz I can totally feel this. However, I’ve taken time out to take care of my mental and physical wellbeing among all the chaos and so should you as there’s nothing more important than that currently. We’re living in an unpredictable space rn and the anxiety is at its peak and that’s why lookout for self-care first.

5. Agasthya Shah

Wow, every Gen-Z and Millennial would relate to this, just like me. Aren’t all of us always hungry, irrespective of how much ever we’ve eaten? I personally am a foodie so I totally feel this is a complete mood. Also, Agasthya here’s our version of this trend for you. The ‘A’ in your name stands for…….. Always relatable, hahah! Hope you liked this.

6. Aditya Kumar a.k.a. Addy

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I must say Addy has always been a silent killer with all his content. He’s super accurate with his trends, just like this one. Aren’t we all always wanting to sleep at any point of time in the day? And to top it all off, very nicely he’s added his angry bird eye mask, how adorable is that. Guys, indirectly he’s also saying DND, hahah.

7. Bhavika Motwani

What a great way to hop on the trend! Tbh, what she did here was super cool that it took me a while to understand, LOL. She added a letter that was not in her name and associated it with patience. This indirectly meant she has no patience, haha. All of us have been in that boat many times and it’s so damn relatable and honest, hehe.

And yay, we’re done! These were a few of my fave picks on this trend and I thoroughly enjoyed laughing out loud on each one of them. A standing ovation (virtual of course 😛 ) to all the fantastic creators who come up with such fab content just to make our day. Also, I truly hope all of you are staying home and not stepping out unless very necessary.