Collab, Instagram's New Feature (Source: Instagram | @ladyroxpop)
Collab, Instagram’s New Feature (Source: Instagram | @ladyroxpop)

There’s a new feature on the ‘gram and it sure is an amazing one. Creating content together on social media is a lot of fun and we have seen creators do that so often, right? So with collaborations leading to such amazing content, a feature highlighting the two creators was in a way needed. Instagram has decided to test a feature on the app called ‘Collab’. Through this feature, if you create a content with a fellow account, you can now tag them. So along with your username, the person you collab with, their name appears too. Isn’t that amazing? More about this feature below!

About Instagram’s new feature ‘Collab’

Roxanne Chinoy, Strategic Partner Manager for Instagram Reels, India, took to the app to share some amazing facts about this feature. She listed down not only the ways one can use this feature but also it’s amazing benefits. Through this feature, creators can tag the account they collaborate with by adding their username. Once they accept the invite, both the account names will appear while viewing this specific content.

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How can creators benefit from this new Instagram feature?

Collab On Instagram (Source: Shutterstock)
Collab On Instagram (Source: Shutterstock)

Content creators collaborate with each other so often. And when they do we can see their name appear either as a tag or a mention in the description. Now with this new Instagram feature, both the creators name can appear in a more highlighted form. This means that both the creator’s name will appear on the post or Reel header. Also since this feature let’s you co-author the Instagram Feed post with the fellow creator, the content will be shared with both the set of followers. Isn’t that awesome?

Since this feature is still in its testing phase, it is only available to a small percentage of the global community. So if you are able to check this feature out on the app, do try it out and share your thoughts about it in the comments below.  And for those who are yet to have this feature available how excited are you to try this one out? Do comment and let us know. Also, on a side note, we hope everyone is staying home and staying safe.