Nikhil Paralikar (Source: Instagram | @thetablaguyy)
Nikhil Paralikar (Source: Instagram | @thetablaguyy)

The digital world, we live in, creative geniuses, style gurus, dancers, musicians, and many more hidden talents are perhaps taking social media by storm with their unique skills. One such digital creator and artist is Nikhil Paralikar a.k.a.The Tabla Guy’ who’s taking the music industry with his talent of playing the tabla to another level. Known for his soothing yet enthralling beats and the ability to complement any tune with his tabla into a feet tapping number, Nikhil’s musical covers hit us right in the feels. Well, here’s everything we need to know about Nikhil, the boy who is mastering classical instrument art and how?

All about Nikhil Paralikar

Nikhil Paralikar, also known as the ‘Tabla Guy’ is a musician, composer, percussionist and performer. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia at the age of 5, Nikhil’s mother discovered his fondness for beats and instruments. Soon he picked up on tabla with formal training. Well, apart from music and tabla Nikhil is a sound engineer who also holds a degree in Electrical and Communication Engineering, isn’t this super cool? Nikhil’s passion turned his talent from a sheer hobby to a professional musician when he started doing tabla covers for popular songs on his Instagram account. Today, his ‘gram is full of spectacular renditions of songs that we want to keep playing on loop.

About his content….

With his talent for beats, Nikhil is creating some melodious tracks that are making rounds all over the internet making him a viral sensation. Giving popular songs, classic tabla beats is what makes Nikhil unique and different. His exceptional talent was applauded by many Bollywood celebs and experts from the music industry like Armaan Malik, Vishal Dadlani, Badshah, Raftaar, Ash King among many others. That’s not all, his content has been appreciated by international artists like DJ Snake. Also, did you know about Nikhil’s renditions of super hit songs? Some of his popular videos include the cover beat
for Thandi Hawa by Ritviz which has gained amazing views. With 500+ subscribers on his YouTube channel, we have seen his popularity soar as he slays the stage and soothes the audience’s senses with his tabla beats.

Is there any song that Nikhil cannot give his tabla beats to? Every song he listens to he undoubtedly gives them his own little twist and makes a tabla version of the song. Here’s a perfect example, the ‘Runway Aurora’ was one viral trend that we all fell in love with but looks like Nikhil Paralikar escalated his love for this trend to another level by giving it a tabla cover. And we swear, it’s absolutely spectacular.

Here’s what Nikhil Paralikar has to say,

My family hails from Aurangabad, but I was born in Saudi Arabia. I stayed in Hyderabad for almost two decades of my life. My family has a solid musical background; thus, at the age of 5, tabla was introduced to me by my mother. She observed my pattern of syncing musical beats to any song I heard. When I first started playing, my biggest strengths were hearing the music, feeling it, and most importantly, enjoying the music. It helps create and articulate a tune like its intuition or a reflex with rapidness to it. I professionally started learning tabla under the mentorship of Shri. Vishwanath Sitala Ji and completed my Visharad in tabla.
While undergoing classical training in tabla, I gradually started gaining the maturity of understanding music more finely. For me, practising was an evolutionary process because as I got better, I enjoyed it even more. Later what started as a hobby eventually led to one of the most rewarding things I do as a musician.
As a career, it may look unconventional to take up and as an artist, the area is very competitive. I have always been inclined towards music as far as I can remember. Hearing music in the house and being introduced to the joy of music at a young age made music love and learning regular and straightforward. It may get intimidating sometimes, but having confidence and faith in my work and the audience’s love and support always kept me going. As a musician, one of the most important things I can do is make classical music widely available to others. I’m introducing classical music with a twist to new viewers and listeners. The fact that I have been able to inspire others simply by doing what I enjoy has shown me that passion can be expressed and transformed.

This sure does sound absolutely intriguing, right? We personally spend hours scrolling through his channel, hearing and grooving to our fave tracks that have a classic yet modern tabla beat. Honestly, we cannot wait to watch him collaborate with some amazing musicians soon. So, what are you waiting for? Check his profile out right here. On a side note, during these uncertain times, we truly hope that you and your loved ones are doing well and staying home.