Punit Lotia, Mannat Sandhu, Taabish Shaikh ( Source: Instagram | @punitlotia @mannat_sandhu @taabishhh17)
Punit Lotia, Mannat Sandhu, Taabish Shaikh ( Source: Instagram | @punitlotia @mannat_sandhu @taabishhh17)

Social media platforms have evolved a thousand folds in the past few years and so has our want to scroll more. Instagram has given a lot of creators a path to showcase their talent to a larger audience through their content. Also, creating content with true dedication and consistency is absolute hard work! Thinking of different and unique ways of coming up with ideas can be quite challenging. I see a lot of emerging creators who have taken this challenge in their stride and are putting in their effort day in and day out to entertain their followers. So listed below are a few budding creators whose content is amazing.

They are the #NextBigThing!

1. Punit Lotia

Punit is a guitarist who specializes in creating amazing Bollywood covers which I absolutely love. He also performs live at concerts with his band named ‘Ekam Satt-One Truth, One Humanity‘ for the Indian Army. It’s crazy how music can connect people, isn’t it? He has also collaborated with a few playback singers such as Shaan, Kailesh Kher, and many more. If you’re looking for some soulful music you should totally check his page out.

2. Mannat Sandhu

Ngl, she is one of my fave creators ‘cuz she’s a pro at winning my heart with her content. Mannat is a fashionista who loves to explore with her outfits and also creates her own quirky transition Reels. She is interested in everything related to styling which includes outfit recreations too, yes you heard that right. If you want some major outfit inspo, she’s defo the one!

3. Taabish Shaikh

He just started his journey in content creation a year back but let me tell you, his fan following is massiveee. Taabish makes all types of content, from vines and lip-sync to slow motion and comedy. After creating content for a while, it actually hit him that his niche was only rom-com and emotional content. Tbh, his content is really hard-hitting as well as entertaining, it’s a must-visit profile as you’d defo go down an hour-long rabbit hole of awesome content!

4. Harjas Sethi

One of Harjas’s videos went viral during the lockdown in the month of February 2021 which spoke about the work-from-home situation and how taxing it can get at times. It was totally unfiltered, real and she literally spoke my mind there. Besides that, she’s a keen observer of different situations around her and takes inspiration from them for her content. Ngl, her comic timing is so on-point, if you don’t believe me check her profile out right away!

5. Kashish Dadhwal

Personally, I love how aesthetic her content is. For many creators, the lockdown has inspired them to pursue and explore the digital side of content creation and Kashish is one of them. She loves creating comfortable and unique outfit combinations and is a firm believer in experimenting with styling. Check out her profile if you wanna revamp your wardrobe with some comfy clothing!

6. Pravgya

I’m stunned at how amazingly she manages to educate all of us with her content around personal finance at such a young age. I love the fact that her focus is to remove the difference between the youth and financial awareness through interesting means. The best part is that she has her own podcast as well called the ‘Little Green Book‘ where she talks about how money can be utilized and managed practically. If you’re an inquisitive learner check her page out for some insightful information, and much more!

7. Chetann Goel

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If you don’t know him let me tell you, you’re missing out on some epic content. He is a comedian who makes his audience laugh out loud with a mix of creative and serious ideas, hehehe. He is well known for his ‘Indian uncle’, and the ‘MatKaro‘ series which btw is fab! His Reels are filled with hilarious and relatable content which I absolutely love ‘cuz where there’s humor there’s me, lol. A piece of advice is that you defo shouldn’t miss out on him.

8. Viepsa

Viepsa is a talented, multi-lingual singer and songwriter whose content reflects her different moods and phases. The unique part of her content is that she always tries to keep her Reels aesthetic with filters and additional effects that totally look pleasing to the eye. She tries to blend different genres and languages on one plate, which in my opinion is amazingggg. So, now you know where to go for some music inspo!

9. Dr. Rahul Bhosle

RaBho as he calls himself is phenomenal at creating character sketches and monologues from trendy, interesting, and relatable content. He is an entertainer and a passionate creator from Indore who has been awarded ‘Best Youtuber and Content Creator of Indore, in the year 2019. He showcases a perfect blend of exaggeration, uniqueness through his skillful execution. If you’re up for some daily dose of entertainment, he is defo the one!

10. Diya Parakh

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Well, Diya too managed to kickstart her journey in content creation during the lockdown. One of her videos ‘SoBo kids and their Drivers‘ went viral on the ‘gram and ever since then she hasn’t looked back. For her life is all about enjoying and living in the moment ‘cuz like we all say life is too short to stress. She enjoys creating videos on the small, little annoying factors of everyday life and also gets inspired by the people she interacts with. I totally love her vibe, to see more of her check out her profile.

Each one of them has something different and unique to offer on the table and I love how diversified content creation keeps getting, as it gets everyone’s thinking caps on. These 10 budding creators have defo grabbed my attention on Insta. They are the upcoming creators and we’re super happy for them and all their achievements. Which creator did you like the most out of these? Tell us in the comments below. On a side note, I hope you are safe and at home at all times.