Gaurav Taneja, Ayush Yadav, Awez Darbar (Source: instagram | @taneja.gaurav @ayushyadav7100 @awez_darbar)
Gaurav Taneja, Ayush Yadav, Awez Darbar (Source: Instagram | @taneja.gaurav @ayushyadav7100 @awez_darbar)

From vlogs to fun challenges, tutorials to music, YouTube has become almost everyone’s go-to for entertainment. It is a platform that allows creators and influencers to showcase their unique talent. In July, we came across some YouTubers who made some noise on the internet by unlocking major milestones. There is no doubt about YouTubers working super hard every day to create unique content to brighten up our moods. Therefore, any news of their achievement brings us nothing but joy and excitement. So, get ready to virtually cheer on for these creators achieved new heights on YouTube this month.

Here’s the list of achievers:

1. Trakin Tech

Now here’s a tech creator who always makes us cheer for him louder! Trakin Tech conquered the month of July by crossing 9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. What an achievement, isn’t it? Well, all this was possible only because of his hard work, dedication, insightful content and the #TrakinTech family support. So, if you are looking for some tech videos then Trakin Tech’s channel should be your go-to!

2. Gaurav Taneja

Gaurav Taneja, popularly known for his channel #FlyingBeast, is not only a successful YouTuber but a gym enthusiast, a caring father and a commercial pilot. This month he unlocked a HUGE milestone by crossing 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Honestly, his unfiltered content grabs our attention and wins the hearts of his loyal fans. Therefore, we would like to tell our powerhouse of talent to keep creating content ‘cuz we love every bit of it.

3. Awez Darbar

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OMG, what can we even say about Awez Darbar? This month, his YouTube family became 5 million strong and to watch him grow makes us feel nothing but proud. Awez’s fun, entertaining and dance videos keep us hooked to his channel. In simple words, his content is the perfect fun and entertainment quotient we need in our everyday lives and we’re sure that he has some wonderful content in store for us this year!

4. SlayyPoint

Looks like Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale are on a roll with double achievements. This month they unlocked not only one but two major milestones back to back. First, their YouTube channel ‘Slayypoint‘ hit 5 million subscribers and then they received the Golden Play button from YouTube for their second channel ‘SlayyPop’. Perhaps, Abhyudaya and Gautami defo deserve this and much more, amirite?

5. Vishakha Fulsunge a.k.a. RiderGirlVishakha

With a family of 900k subscribers, Vishakha Fulsunge a.k.a. Rider Girl Vishakha is shining on YouTube! Famous for her travel vlogs and solo rides this creator has inspired and motivated many out there to pursue their passion and to follow their dreams. We are super proud of Vishakha for crossing such a massive milestone, she has us glued to our screens with her ride journey content. Here’s wishing Vishakha more success in the near future.

6. Manav Chhabra a.k.a. Mr. Mnv

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The talented and charming digital star, Manav Chhabra a.k.a. Mr. Mnv crossed 700k subscribers on his YouTube channel. Oh boy, you are not only making us proud with your achievements but also, showing different sides of Manav with your super entertaining videos. We hope to see your YouTube family grow strong, stronger and strongest in the future.

7. Zaid Darbar

Zaid Darbar is the talk of the town for all the right reasons. This month he made it to the headlines as he unlocked a great milestone on YouTube. He hit 200k subscribers on his channel! Time and again, Zaid has proved that his content is super entertaining and unique and we don’t disagree with this even a bit.

8. Aditya Kumar

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July was a double celebration month for Aditya Kumar as he released his first single ‘Bas Tu Dikhti Hai’ featuring the gorgeous, Aashna Hegde and crossed 200k subscribers on his YouTube channel. This surely is a big WOW, don’t you all agree? Also, we bet all the DamnFam fans have fallen in love with his magical voice, just like us. So, if you are not following Addy’s channel yet, let us tell you that you need to catch up on a lot, hehe!

9. Ankita Chhetri

Ankita Chhetri, who is well known for her expressions, crossed 100k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her content is super fun to watch and we love how she always puts herself out there for the world to watch the real her. Way to go girl, you have earned every bit of this success and it’s your effort and dedication that paid off. So, keep killing it with your stunning content.

10. Ayush Yadav

It’s always a delight to watch Ayush Yadav’s content. This month, he received the Golden Play button from YouTube. Well done, Ayush looks like he is totally on a winning streak as he also got verified on Instagram in July. He and his content is totally taking over social media by storm. We can’t wait to watch more of his entertaining videos on YouTube.

11. Viraj Ghelani

Yay, Viraj Ghelani received the Silver Play button from YouTube this month. Is there any video of Viraj that does not make us laugh? Well, we could not find one! His comic timing is on apt that every time we watch his video on his channel ‘That’s So Viraj’ we end up saying, “That’s So Viraj”. We are certain that you might not want to miss out on his terrific videos as he has really made his mark in this field, hasn’t he?

There you go! We can proudly say that July was indeed a milestone month. If you are looking for ways to lift your spirits while you are sitting at home then these creators and their channels are your one-stop solution. They have not only achieved major milestones but their content is also a visual treat to watch for sure. Also, we hope to see them all continue creating and achieving amazing milestones in the near future. On a side note, let’s all of us consciously stay home, stay safe and try our best to get vaccinated soon.