I Tried The Latest Viral Eyeshadow Hack That Creates A Flawless Blend In Seconds

I Tried The Latest Viral Eyeshadow Hack That Creates A Flawless Blend In Seconds

Kanak Devnani
Viral Eyeshadow Blending Hack, Kanak Devnani
Viral Eyeshadow Blending Hack, Kanak Devnani

Perfecting your eyeshadow game take dedication, time, hard work and a ton of practice. Once you get it right though all that is totally worth it, but what if you’re a beginner or amateur? It’s so easy to get things wrong or make a muddy mess when you pick up that brush for the first time. Trust me I’ve been through those growing pains. That’s why I’m always down to try out different hacks that help along the process some successful and some, Ummm…. not so much. However, the newest eyeshadow hack in town really caught my eye. Making its way across all social platforms, I’ve seen endless enthusiasts try it with fantastic results. The trick makes blending your eyeshadow looks as easy as painting by numbers.

At the beginning of the year, a similar hack initiated by beauty influencer Smitha Deepak made the rounds with her rainbow colourful look. However, recently when beauty brand Tarte Cosmetics, posted its take on TikTok, it’s being going insanely viral once again on Instagram too. But was it really that easy? I was very much doubtful about the whole process. While at first as it seems to be an amazing hack for beginners to ace their shadows and smokey eyes I was concerned the blending might just end up muddy. So never one to back down from a challenge I decided to test it out myself and give y’all an honest opinion on if it really works.

Keep reading to check out the results of this viral eyeshadow hack:

Step 1:

Watching the reference video, up first it shows everyone just going in with lines of eyeshadow across your lid. However, after previous experience with eyeshadow hacks, I highly recommend going in with a transition shade in your crease first. So even if you mess up, it makes blending the eyeshadows way easier without the fear of them getting patchy

Step 2:

Next up, pick four or five complementary shades, like browns and golds. Then you take a flat eyeshadow brush and draw a line down your eyelid, at a slight angle, following your eyelid shape. Begin with the darkest shade on the outer corner and then create a gradient with the mid-tones in the middle, and the lightest shade in your inner corner. Honestly, you can use this technique with any colour palette of your choosing.

Step 3:

Take a clean fluffy eyeshadow brush and start blending. If you’re feeling tense start out from the inner edge of the eye first then move to the outer edge. Instead of swiping the colour all over, use a gentle tapping motion to blend them in. As you go out to buff the darker edges gently blended it into the crease and creating the shape you want. Also, don’t forget to take some of the leftover colours from the brush along your lower lash to create a balance. To complete the look I drew on some liquid liner and applied a few layers of mascara to help make my eyeshadow pop.

Final takeaway:

Honestly, it really is the quickest eyeshadow look I’ve ever done. I did notice, however, that you have to be careful about blending around the dark colours. So if you’re a beginner you do need to think about the direction you’re going into blending in the colours. Don’t just start moving the brush around all over the place you’ll end up with a patchy muddy mess. At the end of it though I would say yes, it is definitely beginner approved and worth at least some of the hype. So give it a shot yourself and let us know how it turns out!

Check out Tarte’s version and Smitha’s original video here:

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What do you think about this eyeshadow hack? Yay or nay? Let us know in the comments below.

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