7 Reasons Why Priyanka Chopra Is The Ultimate Boss Lady

7 Reasons Why Priyanka Chopra Is The Ultimate Boss Lady

Reeya Raykar
Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Source: Instagram | @priyankachopra)
Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Source: Instagram | @priyankachopra)

When I hear Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s name, I can only think of a woman with big dreams who’s just not imagining it in her head but is actually living it. She is truly inspiring and is someone who is known to leave no stone unturned when it comes to achieving her goals in life. The actress has many accolades to her name and I’m sure many more are on the way because there’s no stopping to someone whose mantra in life is ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’! Right from winning the Miss World pageant in 2000 to being selected as one of the main brand ambassadors by global lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret in 2021, she has come a long, glorious way.

Here are 7 reasons why she’s the ultimate BOSS LADY!

1. In her case, the glass ceiling is just an illusion

Firstly, let’s see what ‘glass ceiling’ really means – it’s a term that is used to describe the obstacles faced by women when trying to climb up the ladder of success in a male-dominated hierarchy. Priyanka Chopra spoke about breaking The Glass Ceiling: Chasing a dream, at an event in Delhi and every word she said made so much sense. She mentioned, “The glass ceiling puts my ambition in a box. It doesn’t mean that glass ceilings don’t exist. It does. But I want to be more than that. I got where I am today by being fierce, fearless and flawed.” Priyanka has been fearless when it comes to making choices, and that my friends, is what makes her a true boss lady!

2. She speaks her mind

A confident woman is one who does not hold back and speaks her mind without fear. If you have watched any of Priyanka’s previous interviews, you will notice that the clear articulation of her thoughts makes you want to keep listening to what she has to say. She has always been quite vocal and clear in expressing herself and that has paved the way for new opportunities. PC has expressed her views and educated people on subjects like racism, women’s empowerment, gender equality, and amplified the voice of millions via her role in the UNICEF and many more such platforms.

3. Her self-confidence is her biggest asset

When someone’s confident about their abilities and believe in their capabilities, the sky is the limit, isn’t it? Priyanka exudes confidence in abundance and for her, the world is her runway. 18-year-old Priyanka’s confidence won her the Miss World crown, and today, the same woman with the same confidence is on her way to global domination. I personally feel confidence is the best accessory that one can wear, and let me tell you, it shines brighter than the Kohinoor. Our girl, PC proves it!

4. She’s not afraid of taking up challenges

We often find ourselves confused about whether we should take a risk or play it safe, and in the meantime, fear just walks in and forces us to choose our comfort zones instead. Priyanka’s career graph, on the other hand, has been all about trying out new things. I’m sure her journey from Bollywood to Hollywood wasn’t a cakewalk. Despite having a full-fledged career in India, she fearlessly went ahead and smashed all the obstacles on the way to Hollywood. In a nutshell, a boss lady is one who is not afraid to take up challenges, be it big or small.

5. She has set up a multi-hyphenated career

She has a long list of accolades to her fame, but that didn’t stop her growth graph. She constantly up-skilled herself and tapped into various careers and fields. Today, she is not just Priyanka Chopra the actress, but also a singer, model, businesswoman, spokesperson and the brand ambassador of many companies. She never limited her potential, and in fact, gave wings to all her interests.

6. She dares to dream big

Priyanka Chopra’s achievements are proof that she’s not the person who only dreams, but is someone who acts on making them come true. She is a new age woman who has inspired millions across the world and has shown them the power of dreaming big and the beauty of believing in self. This truly makes her a true global icon and a force to be reckoned with.

7. She is hardworking

It is easy for us to look at her achievements and gawk over the glorious life that she leads. But do we really know the amount of hard work she has put into reaching where she is today? Of course not! Managing work across continents comes with a package of crazy work schedules and countless sacrifices. She really is managing it all like a boss and setting an example wherever she goes.

Well, the title reads ‘7 reasons why Priyanka is an ultimate boss lady’, but I am sure there are more than 7 and the list is pretty long. Clearly, I can’t stop obsessing over Priyanka! She really inspired me a lot during my growing years and I’m sure many others will relate to this as well.

On a side note, I feel we are all boss ladies in some way or the other, and we are all going to absolutely kill it in life! Believe in yourself, and wear that damn crown with pride, queen!