As a child of the internet, I know and understand how our lives today are so vastly influenced by the social media platforms we use. The kind of content we consume on the internet impacts our state of mind. So, while it’s all fun and games to continuously look at memes and Reels on Instagram, you must not let it become an overwhelming experience for you. So, recently when I started to feel a little overwhelmed with everything that was happening around me, I decided to turn my online experience into a positive one by following some wellness accounts on Instagram. These wellbeing profiles aim to promote positivity, self-care and acceptance. So, check them out right away and take your first step towards making self-care your priority.

Here they are:

1. @fiveminutejournal

This Instagram page will provide you with your daily dose of peace and calm.  The Five Minute Journal is a gratitude journal by Intelligent Change that aims to make you happier in just five minutes a day. Their profile is full of positive content that reminds you to step back and make your self-care a priority.

2. @theeverygirl

This profile is exactly what you need to check out if you wish to get your daily dose of motivation as well as mindfulness. What I love about this handle is that they not only post content related to self-care but also regularly post relatable memes and posts that you can connect and engage with.

3. @selfcare4yu

This is a beautiful self-care page on Instagram that spills straight-up facts right when you need to hear them. They regularly post a string of carousels based on numerous mental-health and well-being topics. Our experience on social media can quickly turn very toxic, hence a self-care page like this can help you make yourself a priority.

4. @iamwellandgood

This Instagram handle aims to decode how to live a good life, inside and out. Firstly, they have a visually soothing aesthetic throughout the feed, which is very calming. Also, they post a variety of self-care content on their page. From affirmations and motivating quotes to workout plans, you will find it all there.

5. @howmental

How Mental’ is a community online that reminds you to make your mental health and well-being a priority. With more than 670k followers on Instagram itself, it posts a lot of calming as well as motivational content. I find their posts extremely relatable and refreshing and even you might.

6. @selfcareisapriority

Waking up to a positive post from this profile every day really casts a good and calming impact on my overall social media experience.  I  personally love their content because, through their simple posts and videos, they manage to remind us of what really matters. Gentle reminders from them have really helped me give self-care more importance.

7. @chopra

This Instagram page is more inclined towards helping you mentally and emotionally through spirituality and meditation. They have some deeply insightful content on their page and they also conduct a lot of meaningful live sessions for their audience. So, if you are interested in trying these methods of self-care then you should defo check their page out.

8. @selfcare

Everything about this page screams beautiful! You will find so much relatable and practical content that will help aid your self-care journey. Also, I love how they keep their content super candid. I stay hooked to their Reels for hours and also end up saving a few for mental motivation.

So, here are 8 of my favourite wellness pages on Instagram that have successfully helped me make self-care a priority. There is so much uncertainty around us and our generation is on social media 24/7. Hence, it’s vital to make sure our experience online doesn’t overwhelm us in any way. Also, we hope all of you reading this article are staying home, staying safe, and taking care of your mental health during these uncertain times.