Falling in love is a simple yet lovely experience. Let us tell you, these days new age lovebirds are setting some serious relationship goals for us. When we looked around, we saw that many couples are still giving us some major relationship goals by doing cute ‘lil things for each other. We’re talking about Diksha Rawat and Vishnu Kaushal, who is one such gorgeous pair. This heart-throb pair is giving us major couple goals, making every day count by making each other feel special. They’re according to me, the couple strongest hit by cupid’s arrow, and we can’t wait to see some lovely moments of them together. So, start scrolling for some major OTP goals.

Take a look…

1. Slaying together

Diksha and Vishnu are a fantastic couple, who are a totally great example of passionate, crazy, opposites-attract kinda love, and they are both not afraid to express it. Look at them, they’re killing it together with their jazzy and stylish vibes. Btw, we too believe that matching ‘fits are an absolute match for perfect couple goals.

2. The coolest couple

Isn’t it an incredibly well-coordinated ‘Reel-ationship’? This cool and cutesy Reel has us glued to the screen. We yearn for these such fun moments with each other, and stealing and wearing each other’s clothing is defo a relationship goal. Also, that vibrant pop of colour is all we needed rn.

3. Perfectly hyped

This Reel is both hilarious and adorable at the same time. Giving each other unique self-created names and calling ‘em that forever is for sure setting true couple goals. Vishnu and Diksha always post sweet things about each other on their Instagram pages and the captions really made us go awwww. If you don’t believe us, have a look at their Instagram account and come back here.

4. Modern-day Chandler and Monica

We’re not sure, but we believe that’s how Vishnu fell in love with Diksha in the first place, hehe. We really adore these two and can’t get enough of this Reel. These cuties are taking relationship goals to a whole new level, and we’re all for it. Even while they’re laughing together they seem to be so perfect and made for each other.

5. Lookalikes

This Reel is just as addicting as the others. It’s impossible to doubt that the outfit looks great on both of them, and twinning is what we’re all about. These guys are precious and we defo are saving ‘em forever in our hearts.

6. Wholesome together

Reminding your partner from time to time how much they mean to you is something we should defo learn from Diksha. This Reel is the nicest, cutest, kindest, and most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen. Like hot chocolate-chip milk on a rainy day, these two are made for each other and this makes us feel super single! 😛

Vishnu and Diksha are two, whom we can’t get enough of. These two are the epitome of warmth and laughter. They’re adorbs, and we’ve set our sights on them as major relationship goals. Everything about the way these two create content together, dance together, and make memories together is so pure, and we totes adore it. If you haven’t checked ‘em out, you defo should. Also, we hope y’all are staying home and staying safe as we love y’all too.