Well, there is no doubt about the fact that Instagram Reels give a massive boost to creators’ content. Recently, Reels completed a year, and we can proudly say that dancing has been an important part of Reels since day 1. I am sure you will agree that dancing is an important tool for recreation, entertainment, celebrating events and so much more. No occasion feels complete without dancing, amirite? With the increasing amount of creativity, different dance forms are emerging quickly. Moreover, here’s one creator and dancer who is talented as well as versatile, Shruti Sinha. I love her because she’s in search of trying and becoming a better version of herself at dancing. So, here are a few dance forms by her that’ll probably make you say WOW.

Let the show begin…

1. Contemporary

Gosh, isn’t this just so soothing and satisfying to watch? Contemporary is a dance form that is all about grace and classical ballet. The main focus of this style is to keep the right posture, balance, and leg movements, and Shruti has gracefully aced and achieved this form. Also, she looks super adorable and comfy in her natural habitat.

2. Pole Dance

I just have 2 words for this, mind-blowing. Let me tell you a shocking yet pretty cool fact. Shruti started learning and practicing pole dancing last year in 2020 and this Reel is one of her latest. Does this Reel even look like it’s performed by a beginner? Well, I absolutely don’t think so as she has phenomenally, gracefully, elegantly mastered pole dancing no less than a pro.

3. Semi-Classical

First of all the song selection is excellent and secondly, the colour of her outfit is totally suiting her giving her that extra glow. If you haven’t noticed it, let me tell you that Shruti’s expression in this Reel is priceless, how can she be so mien and apt at the same time? Tbh, I totally adored how she performed that quick magic trick with her lil’ ring, it just added to the aesthetic perfectly.

4. Freestyle

Freestyle is a dance form that is all about dancing in any way possible. One of my fae dance styles a rather quick street dancing and not to forget the impromptu moves. But we can say that Shruti has got it all covered and this Reel proves that she enjoys it too. Ngl, this is the cutest and the brightest version of ‘Tu Aake Dekhle’, and OMG,  I love how her ponytail also swings at the beginning of this Reel, just like her, heheh.

5. Bollywood Style

Aren’t we all big fans of Bollywood songs? If you’re one of them then this Reel will defo uplight the ‘Bolly-mood‘ in you. Certainly, Shruti and Heli Daruwala have gone beyond perfectionists in this choreography. I can totally sense both of them enjoying each other’s company with these dance moves. A little side note, being connected to your dance partner adds a lot more value to the content and this is just the right example of it. Please teach us your amazing moves too, ‘Sinhahaha‘!

6. Kathak

Kathak is one of the major forms of Indian classical dance, which is basically the grassroots of our culture. Known for intricate footwork, expressions, and correct body and hand posture, Shruti surely did a FAB job here. She looks stunning and elegant while dancing. As Shruti mentioned, she hasn’t been practicing this Tarana often, but hey, she still makes it look effortless with all her dedication. She’s super grateful to her guru, Alaknanda for training her in this beautiful art.

7. Hip-Hop

Issey kehte hai hip-hop, hip-hop. This funky pop Reel by Shruti Sinha and her dancing partner Ashish Bhatia has left me stunned. What can we even say about their colour coordinated outfits? Tbh, I love how they’ve not even missed a single beat despite it being super fast. This tote makes me wanna groove to this song with them, what about you?

8. Jazz

Last but not the least, let us all applaud Shruti with our jazz hands (only dancers will get this, hehe). I’m floored looking at how gracefully and flexibly she’s grooving to ‘Shor Machega’. Also, her dazzling outfit just complements the vibe of this dance style. We love how she’s straight-up burning the stage on fire with her LIT moves.

Wow, Shruti defo knows of a lot of different dance forms and I am sure she’s learning something new too. Dance is just not a word for her but it’s a heartfelt emotion which she loves to explore. Well, my fave out of all these was her pole dancing, it completely blew my mind away. Which one is your fave from this list? Also, I hope you’re staying home and safe during this unlock phase.