Instagram Hacks and Tips by Aakriti Rana (Source: Instagram | @aakritiranaofficial)
Instagram Hacks and Tips by Aakriti Rana (Source: Instagram | @aakritiranaofficial)

On social media, creating unique and interesting content with that dollop of creativity every time can be challenging. And we have watched content creators work so hard to create authentic and stunning content. One such creator who has been raising the bar for herself in terms of creativity and unique content is Aakrita Rana. This creator has been leaving us amazed one post, video and Reel at a time. And for all the followers who are inspired by her content, Aakriti has been sharing a few Instagram hacks and tips on her account too. Wanna know what they are, scroll away!

Get ready to hit some saves!

1. Flower power!

This Reel has left us mind-blown! Aakriti shows us a step-by-step way to achieve this look and also shares the app she used to make this magic happen. We just love how creative Aakriti gets with her photos and this one is definitely one you gotta save.

2. Watermelon Sugar High!

Aakriti Rana has taken the ‘Watermelon Sugar x Seaside’ trending audio and shared this Reel, which is the perfect hack for all those who love to shoot outdoors and are love clothes change. So how about trying out those quick clothes change, transition Reels in those beautiful outdoor locations now, eh?

3.  A quick backdrop change?

Now you can add stunning props to your simple walls and make it a kick-ass backdrop, thanks to Aakriti. We love how this hack is quick and can be accustomed as per convenience. You can’t blame us, if we try out a new backdrop for our videos and photos every day now, hehe!

4. This hack is simply wow!

So what we have here is the quick outdoor clothes change tip as well as the stunning saree flow shot hack. With that serene background and that beautiful saree shot, this photo is a winner. Also, is anybody else feeling that ‘YRF Bollywood actress in a romantic song’ vibe here, ‘cause we totally are.

5. Post for a thought

This post by Aakriti has a message and the efforts that has gone into creating that thought-provoking image is commendable. To help the followers to achieve a similar result, she also shared a behind-the-scenes bit in the video. Aakriti also mentions in the comment section the apps used like Photoshop, Lightroom and Picsart.

6. Creativity level: AMAZE!

Taking the creativity a notch higher with this wonder of a post! Aakriti shared this amazing Instagram hack Reel showing how she created this awesome photo at home. She honestly does make this seem so easy right? This Reel is defo going in our ‘Saved Posts’ On Instagram!

7. Up That Creativity On Instagram Stories

Aakriti shared this really simple yet mind-blowing tip to create an Instagram story which is just wow! We love the play with text and the usage of basic features on IG Story.

For all those budding content creators and users of the app who are keen on creating such visual stunners, these were a few hacks that you must definitely try. Thank you so much Aakriti for leaving us mesmerised with your stunning and vibrant content and for also sharing these wonderful hacks. While we will be trying each of these, which of these hacks and tips will be trying out first? Tell us about it in the comments. Also, on a side note, we hope everyone is staying safe and have taken their vaccination shots