Richa Chadha & Ali Fazal on Feet Up With The Stars S3
Richa Chadha & Ali Fazal on Feet Up With The Stars S3

Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha‘s romance is something we have all been swooning over ever since they announced their relationship, amirite? Their Instagram posts and banter have always set couple goals because of how fun, real and authentic they are!

They were, of course, no different when they decided to come on the latest episode of Voot‘s Feet Up With The Stars, hosted by none other than our Boss Lady, Malini Agarwal. In this episode, they spoke about everything from their impending marriage to Ali’s proposal story, to their cats and even opened up about things that people don’t know about them.

Yes, it was one episode that was all about relationship goals! When Malini asked both of them about that one thing they love about each other, Richa shared that she loves how Ali is such a charmer and someone who is from the old school of love.

She says:

What I love about Ali is that he is one of those old-world men that you read about, the gentlemen who will go out of their way just to make you feel special and cared for. Like an old-world romantic, with poetry, with art, with cinema, candles, surprises and cooking.

Speaking about something nobody knows about the other person, Richa goes on to add:

I think Ali is very smart. When I mean smart, we have never tested this, but I feel he is a pretty high IQ individual. He casually brings home books on Vedic Mathematics, and there is also a book upstairs in our bedroom which  says, ‘How To Be A Math Magician’. So I think that’s something the world should know, (To Ali) I think you’re some kind of a genius!

Aww, to have a partner as doting as Ali and appreciative and loving as Richa, no? They do make for a perfect couple!

Make sure to catch this and many more revelations and fun banter on the episode, streaming now only on Voot.