Radha Sharma, Adah Sharma (Source: Instagram | @adah_ki_radha)
Radha Sharma, Adah Sharma (Source: Instagram | @adah_ki_radha)

Having pets at home is similar to having a child and there’s no denying that! Be it a cat, a dog or any other animal, we absolutely love pets and find them super adorable. So, if you ask us to choose between pets and humans, you know what our answer would be! On the special occasion of ‘International Cat Day’, we decided to talk about a cat parent, Adah Sharma who posts cute and hilarious content of her Instagram verified stuffed toy cat, Radha Sharma. Well, Radha’s super cool purr-sonality really whisked us away and we are sure it will blow your minds too!

Check them out:

1. Living the healthy life

Radha is not just a toy cat but a healthy one who eats fruits for breakfast! She is totally giving us major healthy living goals. While Adah is at a shoot, Radha is relaxing in the room with her fresh bowl of fruits. We are sure everyone here just like me is curious to know Radha’s fave food, amirite?

2. Travel Buddy

The only pillow star kid in the world to have a verified Instagram account will of course have pup-arazzi around, hehe! Radha is no less than a celeb now and looks like Adah has a forever travel buddy! Also, can we please take out a minute just to check out Radha’s adorable airport look? We can’t wait to actually get a chance to meet this toy star!

3. How many Radha is too many Radha?

Here’s a question for all of you? Well, Adah and Radha have an unbreakable bond and we always see them together. How could Radha not be a part of Adah’s shoot then? Could you keep a tab of how many Radhas are here, well we could not! :p

4. Talent runs in her blood

If we did not add this to the list it would defo be a crime! Adah Sharma leaves no bounds to share pictures and videos of her furry toy cat. The two occasionally host singing sessions and we kid you not their voice is magical. Signing a petition to listen to more singing videos of Adah and Radha!

5. Look at this glamour-puss

We are totes gushing over Radha’s swag here! Just look at those adorable expressions she’s making, totally slaying it. Okay, hear us out, imagine a cat fashion show, don’t you think Radha will be a purrr-fect show stopper?

6. Always up for fun challenges

Here’s a super hilarious video where we can see the two engaging in fun banter. Radha is a pro at doing fun challenges and this one she clearly wins without any doubt, hehe!

After looking at this adorable yet hilarious content we can say that there is nothing that Radha cannot do. Well, we hope this convinced you enough that Radha is nothing less than a real cat. Do you have a cat in your family? Tell us all about your squishy friend in the comments below! Also, once again wishing you all a very happy ‘International Cat Day’.