Bibin Thottungal, Shivya Nath, Abhinav Chandel (Source: Instagram | @bibin_photography @shivya @abhiandhow)
Bibin Thottungal, Shivya Nath, Abhinav Chandel (Source: Instagram | @bibin_photography @shivya @abhiandhow)

These days Instagram has become my one-stop destination for any and every kind of inspiration I need. Being a photo-sharing platform, Instagram has abundant photographers. However, a few have managed to take my breath away with their impressive photography skills of capturing the side that words fail to describe. Therefore, this ‘World Photography Day’, I thought of sharing a list of photography accounts that I highly suggest you must follow right now.

Check out these photographers in 1…2…3…Click!

1. Varun Aditya

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If you’re interested in nature and wildlife photography, then Varun Aditya’s raw beauty of nature feed is something you need to check ASAP. With over 1.6 million followers Varun is grabbing attention with the clicks that he captures right at the moment. After swiping through these pictures, you will realise how beautiful nature actually is and why you must follow Varun!

2. Abhinav Chandel

Looking for some visual inspiration in your daily life? Well, Abhinav Chandel’s Instagram feed is just like a dream. Yes, that’s right, his photos will make you fall in love with dominant colours like blue, green and white all over again. Imagine opening your eyes to the surreal views of Himachal Pradesh that too without traveling. So, what are you waiting for start your wonderful little journey one picture at a time.

3. Bibin Thaottubgal

Bibin is a well-known photographer whose passion for conceptual photography is evident in all his work. What I really love about his photographs is his keen eye for detail and a very fresh perspective on the otherwise familiar. His aesthetic pictures speak more than words and if you don’t believe me then help yourself, go follow his account.

4. Siddhartha Joshi

Okay, hear me out, Siddhartha is one of the best Instagram verified portrait photographers I have ever come across. The way he captures the drama of silent streets and candid snapshots of kids, people around India is super cool. It feels like Siddhartha is weaving a tale through his clicks. There is no doubt about the fact that his magic lens turns ordinary moments into extraordinary pictures.

5. Shivya Nath

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Shivya Nath is a travel enthusiast who loves adventures and storytelling. Combing her two passions she started capturing pictures of things that narrate stories, fascinating amirite? With over 103k followers on Instagram, she is backpacking and exploring hidden places. While clicking pictures she also published a book called ‘The Shooting Star’. Shivanya is an all-rounder whose feed is my go-to for inspiration and visual appeal both at the same time.

6. Neelima Vallangi

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All the picturesque views on her feed have me hooked to her account for hours. Neelima’s a professional travel writer and photographer makes me wanna run to all the destinations she travels to. Something that really stands out for us is that Neelima actively works towards spreading awareness about climate change which currently is the need of the hour. So, don’t forget to check out her feed that is spreading the love of photography, bringing exposure to talented photographers, and inspiring creative souls to be unique and bold.

7. Sanjana S a.k.a. TheMessyToast

Did you know photography has different genres too? Here’s Sanjana, a food photographer whose cheese pulls and breakfast bowls pictures not only make you hungry but also wake the inner chef in you. If you are not following this mouth-watering feed yet, then you surely are living under a rock.

So, here are 7 of my favourite photography pages on Instagram that have given me some major #PhotographyGoals. There is so much talent out there and today on the special occasion of ‘World Photography Day’ I wanted to treat all of your eyes with some surreal beauty. Also, we hope all of you reading this article are staying home, staying safe.