Shubham Gaur (Source: Instagram | @shubhamgaur09)
Shubham Gaur (Source: Instagram | @shubhamgaur09)


As a creator, it is important to create content that one would not only relate to but also find entertaining. Well, here’s an artistic man with many talents, Shubham Gaur who started his content creation journey on YouTube in 2015. Today, he is cracking the internet up with his hilariously accurate Reels and videos. Tbh, most of his content surely has us rolling on the floor laughing. Want to know more about this multi-talented and charming creator, then scroll away and find out!

A little about Shubham

Born and brought up in Bulandshahr – UP, Shubham is an artist cum creator who has ‘buland‘ dreams for himself. He believes that he always had a knack for comedy and storytelling and that’s what led him to the path of content creation. Well, we totally agree with him here as his content often leaves us in splits. From pursuing C.A., theatre, stand-up comedy to debuting on the small screen, Shubham has donned multiple hats. He rose to fame and acted opposite leading creators like Ahsaas Channa, Adarsh Gourav, Luv Vispute and many more in the series, ‘Hostel Daze‘. We absolutely love his sheer dedication and passion for his work.

All about Shubham Gaur’s content

Tbh, most of his videos hit us right in the feels and have us shaking our heads with relatability. Being one of the first creators to hit 10 lakh subscribers on YouTube, Shubham’s content is making rounds in the comedy world. Creating genuine, relatable, humorous and honest content is the reason behind Shubham’s success today. Not just that, but he is a risk-taker who has explored different platforms to build a stronger connection with his audience. Speaking about his most recent work in ‘Hostel Daze‘, his character Rupesh Bhati received digital applause love from the audience. He has also co-created and co-produced shows like – ‘Uncommon Sense‘ with Saloni Gaur. We are super proud to see Shubham grow as a creator and comedian and achieve such great milestones.

Here’s what Shubham Gaur has to say about his journey,

I started my content creation journey very early in 2015. Back then, the influencer marketing industry was still in its infancy. But for me, it was all about creating genuine and fresh content. Therefore, I have never restricted myself to a particular platform or format and rather experimented with different platforms that help me establish a deeper connection with my audience.

I truly believe in the saying that life comes full circle. From borrowing OTT subscriptions from my friends to being featured on them is no less than a dream come true for me. Sometimes, it still feels overwhelming to see how far I have come as a creator and actor. But, there are miles to go.

Well, Shubham has not only inspired us with his journey but his feed is our one-stop destination for entertainment. His unique style, relatable content and comic timing have helped him make space in the creator world. As he quotes “Life comes to a full circle”. We are looking forward to seeing what Shubham has in store for us. Also, if you haven’t watched the ‘Hostel Daze’ yet then you surely are missing out on something super cool. On, a side note we hope everyone is keeping safe and staying at home.