9 Useful Beauty Lessons We Learned From F.R.I.E.N.D.S

9 Useful Beauty Lessons We Learned From F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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It’s no secret that the tv show Friends has had a huge impact culturally. The reunion this year really reached a fever pitch if that was any indication of its continuous popularity. Even after more than 25 years since it debuted, not a day goes by that we don’t re-watch it on Netflix or quote it in our day-to-day lives. I mean personally couldn’t be more obsessed with Friends. Of course, through those moments, the cast of friends really impacted the beauty and fashion sphere too. After all, could forget ‘The Rachel’ hairdo or the bleached-out beach waves the style evolved into later down the line.

But through all those funny moments the one thing that was often overlooked was the wealth of beauty advice. Albeit wrapped in hilarious eyebrow-raising moments, the iconic characters made all these beauty blunders so we don’t have to. Ready to get nostalgic and dive into reliving some classic moments? Ahead we’ve narrowed down a few practical skincare and make-up tips Friends gave us along the way.

Keep scrolling for the weirdly useful beauty advice we learned from Friends:

1. Skip the homemade leg wax

We’ve all been through the whole DIY beauty phase, some of it good and some with awful results. When Friends first aired, the make your own leg wax kit was a new fad. And boy did it look painful! Unless you’ve got a gargantuan pain threshold, this was not recommended. What probably made the whole process worse was the heart-wrenching breakup of Ross and Rachel happening next door. Thank the heavens we have more superior technical advances in leg hair removal nowadays.

2. Always be prepared to combat frizz

Remember when Monica’s hair went insane in the humid weather of Barbados? It all could have been avoided with a little foresight. As all curly gals know we never travel unprepared. Always pack your hair products or at the very least a lightweight serum guys! Literally, anything would have tamed that fuzz-ball in no time.

3. Never let somebody else do your makeup

The episode where Ross does Rachel’s makeup after she breaks her rib was hilarious, however, the results were god awful. Whether it’s your boyfriend or friend don’t let anyone who doesn’t wear makeup near your face. If you’re struggling, opt for free make-up trials at your nearest department store or just keep it simple with a no-makeup look. Because the other alternative might just make you look ready to attend a Halloween party.

4. Mask your T-zone

I actually first discovered what the T-zone was when I saw this episode. The boys proudly rocked a clay mask whilst watching a game of American football. And what knowledge of mapping it across the right area to unclog those pores! PLlus they perfectly left room for a hydrating mask across your cheeks. Multi-masking is the way to go!

5. Always take a photo reference to your hairdresser

The episode where Monica enlists Phoebe’s haircutting skills gave me nightmares. Due to a case of mistaken identity, Phoebe gives Monica the wrong actress or actually we should say actors haircut! That spiked messy horror had us gasping! We all learned a valuable lesson that day and I vowed that this would never happen to me. I always go in with hair inspo saved on my phone to show the hairdresser what exactly I’m looking for.

6. Men wear makeup too

While Joey was made fun of for his Ichiban: Lipstick For Men ad he was in fact way ahead of the curve! Although we’re not a fan of that icy blue shade within the past few years many high-end brands like Chanel and Tom Ford have come out with make-up products specifically designed for men. Beauty is for everyone and we’re here for it!

7. Take it easy with teeth whitening

Yes, your teeth can be too white! Just take a look at Ross’s tragic experience. Overdoing it with the dental work and gel, his teeth were fluorescent and glowing literally lighting up the room! It even cost him his big date. Take this as a warning and don’t get carried away at the dentist.

8. Baths are amazing

There really is nothing a nice long soak in a luxed-up bubble bath for the ultimate self-care moment after a long hard day at work. You’ve got to try it yourself to believe it. Case in point, Chandler who was a nay-sayer until Monica shows him how a solo bath is meant to be done. Scented candles, bath salts and the whole shebang! Once you’re in there’s no going back. Chandler truly was a changed man from this moment on.

9. Brows are sisters not twins

Poor Joey had disastrous results when he went in for a brow wax. Unable to take the pain he was left with a botched eyebrow that looked like what Chandler described as a ‘baby caterpillar chasin’ its mama’. But there was Joey’s best bud to the rescue. With the acquired tweezing skill from his youth practising on his drag queen dad, Chandler was able to even things out a little. The takeaway? Never be afraid to ask for help from your more experienced friends and figure out the right brow maintenance routine that works for you.

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