Meet The Squad Reel Trend; Awez Darbar, Malini Agarwal, Tanzeel Khan (Source: Instagram | @awez_darbar @maliniagarwal @tanzeel_khan03)
Meet The Squad Reel Trend; Awez Darbar, Malini Agarwal, Tanzeel Khan (Source: Instagram | @awez_darbar @maliniagarwal @tanzeel_khan03)

If you, like me, wake up in the morning and start scrolling on the ‘gram even before you stretch, that’s probably because you want to stay updated with all the trends. Speaking of trends, there’s a new trend on the block for all the #Squads out there. Yes, that’s right, #MeetTheSquad is a viral trend on Alice Merton’s ‘No Roots’ track that has flooded Instagram. Many creators are introducing and describing their squad members with snaps and snippets of them on this popular and catchy audio. If you want to jump on this viral trend with your squad but are looking for some inspo, then you can relax cuz’ I have got you covered here.

#MeetTheSquad of these creators thanks to Reels right here!

1. Awez Darbar

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Every time a new trend hits the ‘gram, hands down Awez Darbar is one of the first creators to jump on them adding his own personal twist. I am sure, just like me all the Atrangz fans also got to know some interesting and fun things from Awez’s #MeetTheSquad Reel. Well, I have to say that the quirk factor of this video is quite high, don’t you agree?

2. Malini Agarwal

Wanna know a little about #BossLady and her girl squad? Malini Agarwal sure did take this trend to another level by posting about her girl gang and spreading love on the ‘gram. Honestly, these are just a few of her girlies, but if you want to create your own digital squad, click here to join the Girl Tribe app. Well, here’s a wish I made deep down in my heart to have a girl gang that supports each other and spreads positivity and looks like Malini Agarwal has managed to fulfill it.

3. Tanzeel Khan

Ever wondered what would your fave #DamnFam members do if not content creation? Just watch this video of Tanzeel Khan who has revealed in the #MeetTheSquad trend his fam’s alternate career options. Trust me, they are so on point that for a minute I imagined all of them doing these jobs too. If, you still don’t believe me then check out this Reel for yourself.

4. Aashna Shroff

Make way for the style ‘Kween’, Aashna Shroff and her #squad. I have watched so many creators try out this trend but undoubtedly the way Aashna introduces her gang to her audience is the best. Also, I would ask Aashna to do more trending videos with her #squad cuz’ I would love to watch them.

5. Agasthya Shah

I must say, that you gotta trust Agasthya when it comes to fun, unique and relatable content. By now I have learned that all his best friends are also content creators. The fact that they all work together and uplift each other is something I love about this squad, they are truly #friendshipgoals! Check out this Reel to know more about the upcoming Gen-Z creator group.

6.  Esha Shetty

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When your sisters are your true friends, then trends like #MeetTheSquad will defo consist of them, amirite? Esha Shetty, Shloka Shetty, Aashna Hegde and Khushi Hegde are soul sisters. I often see them create content together, therefore if Esha would have done this trend with someone else it would surely be a crime, hehe!

Yay, so these were a few of my fave picks on this trend and I thoroughly enjoyed knowing more about each one of their squads a little more. All of them surely did convince me to make a Reel for my squad as they reminded me of my gang, what about you? Also, I truly hope all of you are staying home and not stepping out unless very necessary.