Things to say instead of ghosting someone. By HollyHarry |
Things to say instead of ghosting someone. By HollyHarry |

It is a completely normal phenomenon to be ghosted these days in the dating realm but does that make it right? It is not! I’ve been a victim of ghosting and I’ve also done my fair share of ghosting too. This has allowed me a little bit of perspective on the subject. The times I’ve ghosted, I’ve often lost interest in the individual and we’d haven’t gone out even to warrant a courtesy message or so I felt. However, I did notice that they followed up even though I was radio silent. It was then that I realized I was wrong and should have made a more reasonable judgment call and given it some form of closure.

Let’s discuss how it feels on the receiving end of it. Number one, your self-esteem is instantly shot to s**t. It’s immature, disrespectful and leaves you feeling used and insecure. It is obviously not a great feeling and I will say that honesty is the best policy. Leading someone on is awful but it’s worse to not communicate the lack of interest in someone. But here are a few ways to effectively communicate without ghosting, someone.

Here are 9 things to say instead of ghosting someone you went on a date with:

1) Hey, I had a nice time with you but I just don’t feel a romantic spark.

2) I don’t think I’m I’m ready to date at the moment. Wishing you the best.

3) Hi there, I don’t see another date in the future, but I appreciate the conversation we had.

4) I have a lot going on in my life right now and I’m not sure if I can prioritise this equation at the moment.

5) Thank you for a lovely date. I just didn’t feel a connection, so I don’t think it’s right to go out again.

6) I’m looking for someone I have more things in common with.

7) I thought I was ready for a relationship but I am not.

8) Thank you for going out with me. I thought a lot about it and I just don’t think we are compatible enough to keep this going.

9) I’ve had a ton of fun getting to know you but I feel like we’d be better off being friends. I completely understand if you’re not ok with that.

Speak your truth:

You can say you’re still not over the last person you were in a relationship with.

You could make your intention clear and say that you’re not on the lookout for anything serious.

Another thing you could say is that you’re not looking to be exclusive at the moment.

What are some of the things you would say instead of ghosting someone? Tell us in the comments below.

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