Divya Agarwal and Karan Johar (Source: Instagram | @divyaagrwal_official , @karanjohar)
Divya Agarwal and Karan Johar (Source: Instagram | @divyaagrwal_official , @karanjohar)

One of the hottest discussions around Bigg Boss OTT is around host Karan Johar. In the last two weeks, the filmmaker has been slammed for being biased and even targetting some contestants. And while it was only the audience who was feeling so, now the contestants also have started discussing this. Recently, in a live feed, I saw Divya Agarwal opening up to Akshara Singh about how KJo had been treating her.

For those who don’t know, on the first Sunday Ka Vaar, Karan had slammed Divya for talking behind Shamita Shetty‘s back. This led to their friendship break and Divya was also ostracized by many housemates. In the second weekend episode also, KJo locked horns with Divya telling her that he is not the game Bigg Boss with her and to watch her tone while speaking to him.

With Divya and Karan clearly having a love-hate relationship, Zeeshan Khan‘s eviction was a breaking point for the actress. In an emotional outburst recently, Divya was seen talking to Raqesh about how she is alone in the house. Check out the video here:

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Later she was also talking to Akshara where she said that Karan had no right to pass any judgments about her since he doesn’t know her personally. In fact, she even stated that she has suffered in the house because of Karan and that she will take a stand for what is wrong, irrespective of who is standing in front of her.

She was also seen questioning Karan as to how can he put allegations or make any statements about her considering that his opinion would impact the opinion of others too. Well, I am waiting to see now, what Karan Johar would have to answer to that. I am waiting to see if he will have some sassy comeback for Divya or will he completely start ignoring her. What do you think will happen?