Feet Up With The Stars
Feet Up With The Stars

The latest episode of Voot’s Feet Up With The Stars S3 featuring the super charming and bubbly Sunny Leone is out now! Well, all I can say about this episode is that embrace yourselves as Sunny and Malini Agarwal are all set to take you on a roller coaster ride full of fun stories, drama and lots of giggles.

Sunny’s smile and her vibe is so infectious, that when she’s talking, you will find yourself lost in her words and her expressions. In this episode, we got to see her bubbly side, all thanks to Malini’s perfectly curated, super fun question list. She spoke about her husband Daniel, her 3 kids and her love for pranks! In a segment called fact or fiction, Sunny revealed some really cool facts about herself. She spoke about her first job in a German bakery, her experience of meeting Shah Rukh Khan for the first time and a lot more!

When Malini asked Sunny to confirm the fact that she was nerdy in college and had no boyfriends, she said-

I think 50% of it is correct. I was quite nerdy, I was never the popular girl, I still don’t fit into the popular circle. I did have boyfriends which my parents did not like at all.

Apart from this, Sunny also gave some interesting answers to questions related to love, which were asked by fans, and she even spoke about the right way to approach a girl. In a nutshell, I absolutely loved this episode and I think Sunny was splendid throughout. Just like all the previous episodes, this one kept me glued to my screen and mid-way through the episode, I realised I was keeping my feet up just like Malini and Sunny and I was virtually chilling with them! Catch the final episode of this season exclusively on Voot and like I always say, be ready for an epic Bollywood ride with Malini and Sunny!