The pandemic gave us a very tough time. Our normal life came to a standstill and the new normal took a huge toll on the market, business and every aspect of life. Theatres had to be shut down for a long stretch of time, and that led to many daily wages workers losing their jobs and their source of livelihood. Yash Raj Films has been aiding the Hindi film industry’s daily wage earners, and their vaccination drive helped shoots to restart in Mumbai. Aditya Chopra recently launched Saathi Card which is based on the internationally acclaimed policy concept – “universal basic support” under The Yash Chopra Foundation. The main purpose of this card is to provide health insurance, school fee allowance, ration supply, annual health check ups among other benefits to the industry’s daily wage earners and their families.

The card is accessible for anyone who is a registered member of the Hindi Film Federation in Mumbai is 35 years of age or above and has at least one direct dependent. The card will provide health insurance up to 2 lakhs, free annual check-ups and discounts on medical bills, treatment services, and they can also use it to support their children’s education. To avail the benefits of the card, one needs to apply for it on the website-

Akshaye Widhani, Senior Vice President of YRF, says-

At Yash Raj Films we believe not just about reactively donating but it is rather a more strategic thought process and plan of action to create a sustainable impact in the lives of our beneficiaries. The Saathi Card is our way of being there as a friend & support system to those who form the backbone of our industry. In times to come, we will expand the scope of this support to enhance the quality of life for those part of our community.

This indeed is a great initiative and I am sure it will benefit many. On that note, the pandemic isn’t over yet, so please stay safe and get vaccinated.