I am ecstatic to be a part of this generation which includes being on social media. Firstly, I love being a part of the online world because of how it helps in breaking a lot of misconceptions and stereotypes. Secondly, being on Instagram has inspired and encouraged me to do better only ‘cuz of these fab creators. They make it a point to help us all out individually if it’s in their capacity and I thank them for that. Scroll down to see who these creators are!

Cheer up & get ready to be inspired through these profiles!

1. Lilly Singh

We all know the empowering ‘Superwoman’ by now, isn’t it? She has always been honest and real with her content. I love the fact that she was one of the OG creators at breaking stereotypes around women and this Reel is proof. I totes love her vibe, it not only encourages me but motivates me to become like her someday as well. Playing ‘That’s My Girl‘ in the background for this amazing woman right here!

2. Ranveer Allahbadia

OMG, where do I even begin with when it comes to Ranveer? He’s truly gem of a person, so kind-hearted and inspiring. He just doesn’t push you to be a better version of yourself but also helps to achieve and bring out the best in you professionally. Honestly, when I have a bad day all I do is scroll through his Reels and it totally makes me feel better about myself.  

3. Prajakta Koli

The #DumDumArmy and every single person who came across her content must have encountered the fact that she has achieved so much in life. All this is possible only ‘cuz she’s so dedicated and focused. I salute Prajakta for the fact that she manages her time so damn brilliantly, I can’t even! Personally, I have learnt 2 things from her. The first being, to live in the moment and the second being to workout, primarily for a healthy lifestyle.

4. Raj Shamani

If you’re looking to improve and motivate yourself in any way, his feed is your home! He provides financial knowledge to all his followers, in case you’re keen on learning that. Also, as Raj said it’s imp to understand that if you want to win in life you don’t have to fight with others you have to fight with yourself and that’s so true. Growing up I have realised that if you don’t stand up for yourself no one will.

5. Jay Shetty

Damn, this Reel hit me right in the feels! He has accurately spoken about how the definition of words changes as we grow and evolve and it’s so true. I feel some things we don’t realise on our own and we need someone to explain them to us and Jay got that bang on. He’s truly more than inspiring. You defo should check his feed out if you haven’t yet.

6. Sakshi Sindwani

Let me tell you, Sakshi has outdone and outshined herself in just a couple of years with her fab content ideas. She informs and educates her audience about body positivity while breaking stereotypes of what women can wear without inhibitions. She empowers women all over! Just like how our app ‘GirlTribe‘ by MissMalini does. There is zero judgement on this app so fosho check it out.

7. Larissa D’Sa

Larissa has done something that we cannot ever do, waking up at 4 am every single day, kudos to her! Her content is just so pure and authentic that it makes me love her feed even more. She has an Instagram page called 4amwithLarsa where she talks about all things positive. Her journey is filled with manifestations that are incredible, so don’t miss out on her second page!

I’m pretty sure a few of these creators will defo inspire you in different ways if you actually skim through their profiles in peace. Also, tell us which one is your fave out of this list. On a side note, I hope you are safe and booking your vaccine slots at the earliest.