Ever caught yourself humming to a song that you stumbled upon while scrolling on Instagram? Happens to us every time! With the very many Reel trends that have been climbing their way to the top of the trends chart, they inevitably do make it our list of faves too. And humming away to the trending Reel audio is a clear sign of the audio making it to that list. Wanna know which songs are on our list, check ‘em out right here!

Scroll away and sing along…

1. Beggin’

This song is so catchy, you can keep singing it all day long. The ‘Ra ta ta ta‘ bit became so popular that there is another trend that popped up about how you have to mute the audio and try to sing at this point of the song correctly. Have you tried this trend out, if not, try it out asap! And if you get it right let us know too, hehe.

2. Bezos

This is one Reel trend that not only is an inspirational one but also has an audio that can get you all pumped up and motivated. After watching a few Reels on this song, we gotta admit that this song has become our morning number to get us all geared up for the day.

3. Poof Be Gone

It’s not only the songs that we have been singing every now and then but we have also been doing the dance routine that this trend has. It’s like we need to sing and dance together on this track. Probably the reason why this one is on our morning playlist too so that we can sing and have a quick workout, haha!

4. Touch It

This one is among the recent Reel trend audios and is so catchy that it’s almost really difficult to get it out of our heads. Also, that hook move is so smooth that we ain’t gonna be shocked if you start singing this track and suddenly burst into that move. ‘Cause hey, we’ve all done, hehe!

5. Stay

Here’s one that has been making everyone groove even as they sit and hear this number. This one has been around for a while now and looks like it’s gonna be around for a longer time on social media. It’s legit that good and super catchy, don’t you agree?

6. Woman

The songs by Doja Cat are so good that you can legit use them for Reels for every mood of yours. And this one here is our fave! This track has a generous sprinkle of sass and swag that we cannot get enough of. BRB, listening to this one on loop!

7. Westside Killa

Talking about swag, here’s another Reel audio that has lots of it. This is one of our favourite numbers found on Instagram and this track sure gets you in the right mood. We dare you to try singing this one and not get that swagger expression on your face. Also, that hook step is just so cool, aren’t we right?

So here were a few songs that have been and are still making their rounds on the ‘gram ’cause literally that’s how amazing they all are. We have saved them as a part of our morning playlist, to set the mood in and get our energy all pumped up. Try it and see your mornings turn around into an energetic one. Also, on a side note, we hope everyone is staying safe and have taken your vaccination shots.