I can confidently say this for myself and everyone else that once you go down the rabbit hole of Reels, there’s no coming back. Moreover, Instagram Reels has been successful in keeping me hooked to my screen all day long. Apart from some great transition videos and slo-mos, I really have fun discovering new music tracks every day. You gotta trust me when I say this but these trending Hindi songs that I came across took me on a filmy ride immediately. Wanna know which songs are they, check ‘em out right here!

Get ready to make some filmy Reels…

1. Raataan Lambiyan

This beautiful and soulful track does take me on a journey of romance. Now, just imagine you recreating a romantic scene from your fave SRK movie and Raataan Lambiyan song playing in the background. A perfect Reel isn’t it? #Mrunirudh you guys are simply ‘aww-dorable‘.

2. Navrai Majhi

Everything about this popular song screams let’s dance! The track gained so much popularity on Reels because everyone wanted to dance and try this fun choreo out. So, here’s a piece of advice if you have a wedding to attend then this has to be your jam with your pals for the sangeet function. Anam and Nagma always turn up the heat when they share a frame together, amirite?

3. Urvashi

This evergreen song quite literally became a viral trend on Instagram and for days my feed was flooded with Reels featuring this blockbuster track. Every movie has that one actor who is full of swag and this song is all about it. Thanks to Reels for refreshing the memory of this old song yet again.

4. Dil Ko Karaar Aaya

If this song doesn’t immediately remind you of the love of your life then I don’t know what will! The minute I heard it, I knew I was gonna add it to my romantic songs playlist. It’s time for you to add it too.

5. Sakhiyan 2.0

This is one of the most beautiful versions I have ever heard in my life and all courtesy goes to Reels! Many creators have started getting innovative with music and have started creating fun mashups. This particular remix got extremely popular on Reels and I have no doubt why.

6. Zalima Coca Cola

A Bollywood movie is said to be incomplete without a peppy song, amirite? So, how could we not include this dancing track on our list? This trending song made me groove every time I heard it while scrolling. Brb, seeing Nicole dance on this track makes me wanna try her choreography. But I am sure it’s never going to be as graceful as hers.

7. Tumse Mil Ke Dil Ka Mashup

When Bollywood songs meet modern-day Reels this is what it results in, hehe! I can totally imagine myself walking with full sass just like Shanaya from SOTY with this background music and wind blowing. Aashna Shroff’s Bollywood-style hair transformation is looking so cool, isn’t it?

8. Tarun Mudhiraj

Wondering how to make your slo-mo Reel super-duper filmy? Think no longer ‘cuz here’s a musical track by Tarun Mudhiraj that matches the vibe of all your slo-mo twirls, traditional entries, and some cute nakhare’s. Tell me a better Jodi than Awez and Nagma when it comes to firey on-screen chemistry, I am waiting?

Well, ‘picture abhi baaki hai mere doston‘ cause I will keep on discovering new trending Hindi songs every other day. But till then these are a few songs that I started listening to purely because of Reels. I hope while you are all enjoying Reels you all are also booking your vaccine slots and staying safe.