Let’s be honest, Shibani Bedi’s content is like free therapy, we can’t help but watch it a thousand times. Be it Prabha didi, Dim K, Mina Lisa, or just Shibani being herself, it’s a treat to watch her play different characters so effortlessly. However, we want to give a special mention to her hilarious alter ego Mina Lisa‘. Who doesn’t know about the famous painting Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci? Shibani brings this painting to life with a filter and her relatable Reels. Also, we can’t help but wonder, what kind of a person would the ‘painting Mona Lisa’ be like. Are you amused to know too? Well, then let’s speculate it together.

Here we go…

1. The Whistle-Blower

It’s the worst feeling ever when you come to know that the yummy munchies you had saved for later have been eaten by someone else, especially your sibling. But Mina Lisaji knows exactly how to take care of such kids very well, hehe. So, next time remember Mina Lisa’s tip for your rescue.  

2. A Mimic

No one can ever win an argument with Mummy’s, amirite? Still, if you are a braveheart who wants to give it a shot then remember Mina Lisaji and her word ‘batameez‘.  No cap, Shibani’s mimicry is so on point here!

3. A Know-It-All

Is it just us or do you also feel that the snooze button is the best thing that ever happened? Getting those precious 5 minutes of sleep in the morning is what we all crave. But on the other hand, the alarm clock doesn’t seem to favour us. Mina Lisa quite accurately says what an alarm clock would if it was a person, hehe. You can never mess with Mina Lisa, she knows everything.

4. Shubhchintak

Solicited or unsolicited, you can always count on Mina Lisa for the best advice in town, especially when you’re dealing with a breakup. Believe us, your friends might not be able to help you get over your ex but Mina Lisa can. Honestly, we can’t wait for Mina Lisa as love guru series to start soon, it will be epic!

5. No-Nonsense Woman

We might find it hard to let a whiny friend know that they’re being whiny. Isn’t confrontation a difficult task? It indeed is, but not for Mina Lisa, she knows how to deal with such situations. And with her not-under-my-watch attitude, she does it like a pro.

6. A Narcissist

Well, it all comes down to loving yourself at the end of the day, right? We are sure that Geet would be best friends with Mina Lisa. After all, woh khud bhi apni favourite hai. We can’t wait to see what happens when Mona Lisa meets Poo. OMG, won’t these three make the perfect girl gang, hehe!

Mona Lisa has always been mysterious and fascinating for us. Haven’t all of us at some point wondered if she was indeed a real person? Through Shibani Bedi’s character Mina Lisa we have come close to solving this mystery, haven’t we? Also, that’s one interesting person we have created through our speculations alone. On a side note, to the people who are reading this, we hope you are vaccinated and if not, booking a slot to get jabbed soon.