Let's admit it, each one of us at some point in our life has thought about what it would be like to be a contestant on a reality show. You're lying if you say no (haha, caught you!) However, we don't, and here's a Reel by Ankush Bahuguna that aptly addresses our concerns regarding participating in these shows.  

Well, we don't know about participating but watching these shows is a lot of fun. The entertainment factor in these shows is just way too high, be it Bigg Boss, Splitsvilla, Roadies, or even Khatron Ke Khiladi, and it seems like even our fave creators enjoy them too. Wondering how do we know? Check out these hilarious Reels on the various attributes of reality tv shows for yourselves.


1. Auditions

We would like to give a special 'roadie salute' to our Punjab da Munda, Vishnu Kaushal for not only understanding the assignment but also passing with great distinction. (If you know what a roadie salute is, your childhood was awesome, hahah ;p) No cap, roadies auditions are like 'main roadie hu, aapko pata nahi hai lekin mai hu', hehe. Vishnu, that Pulsar is totally yours. Also, giving you 100 points for your push-ups.

2. Contestants  

Ankush, all we can say is 'itna accurate kaise kar lete ho aap'? We understand if you don't want to answer our question 'cuz of course 'yeh aapki strategy hai', haha. Anyway, as long as it's not against the Bigg Boss rulebook, everything's allowed. On a side note, the new season is about to start soon, how excited are you for Ankush to make new Reels on this year's contestants?

3. Tasks

Rofl, how can he not nail it again! No task in the Bigg Boss house can ever be over without contestants having an argument and justifying their 'strategy'. We absolutely love this hilarious take by Ankush on this show about how even a trivial task can turn around into something big in no time, chahe woh plastic ke matar hi kyu na ho, lol. Seriously, we can't stop watching this accuracy on loop.  

4. Episodes

Oh and how easily do things change as we get more episodes. If you have followed Splitsvilla for some time you'll know that 'flipping' is quite normal in this game of love and Mahima Seth here, has struck the right chord. You might be rooting for a couple but by the end of the season things change and how! Still, the entertainment factor keeps you glued to the screen throughout thinking 'Pooja, what is this behavior' hehe?

5. Fights

Well, 'tell me it's a reality show, without telling me it's a reality show'. We are quite sure that the next frame would have the contestants fighting over the littlest of little things, be it food, personal belongings, someone's comments, nominations, literally anything under the sun. Not just Vishnu even the audience knows that no episode can be over without any conflicts. Afterall, aawaam sab jaanti hai, right?

6. Dynamics

Keeping up with the contestants of a reality show is a task in itself. Count on Mahima to impersonate the whole show in mere seconds. The dynamics keep changing in each episode and it gets unpredictable at times. However, the adrenaline rush you get through these changes is what makes them so entertaining to watch. Ngl, these shows are a guilty pleasure.

Aren't these Reels impersonating all things that happen on a reality show on point? Tell us which one was your fave out of all. On a side note, we hope you are stepping out only when it's really necessary and taking care of your loved ones and yourselves. Please stay safe and get vaccinated.