Content creation is a space in the digital industry that has been booming rapidly and is ever-evolving as well. Creators are often expected to partake in trends and ensure that they stay afloat with their content in this competitive space. And while many content creators have been able to do this quite well, there are quite a few who have dedicatedly made sure to incorporate their own elements and interests in their content, many times making these trends their own. One such creator to do this is Vivek Dhadha a.k.a. TheSoBoGuy. Vivek is a creator whose passions can be identified through his amazing content.

About Vivek Dhadha

Vivek Dhadha's first step in the digital industry started with food blogging in the year 2016. It was in 2018, that he began to share glimpses of his day-to-day activities through blogging, where he shared his interests and passions with his followers. Vivek has been juggling content creation, diamond, and the jewelry business. With luxury lifestyle, fashion, and travel being areas where his interests lie, these became his calling in the categories of content creation too.

All about Vivek's content

Vivek Dhadha (Source: Vivek Dhadha)

Vivek's relatable and aesthetic content soon began to receive praise from his followers and brands too. It was no time that his presence as an influencer grew phenomenally and brands began to approach him for collaborations too. On Vivek's Instagram page, @thesoboguy, you can often see content around clothes, cars, fitness, perfumes, and more. His Reels are an interesting amalgam of amazing shots, transitions, and creativity. Being an automobile and fitness enthusiast, he often has well-established communication with his followers about the same. Today, Vivek has collabs with brands in the luxury, fashion, automobiles, beauty and grooming, travel, fitness and hospitality categories in his kitty.

Talking about content creation Vivek says,

Life's best moments usually happen unplanned. Nothing about my journey so far was ever planned by me. And its led to the most amazing experiences till now.

Vivek's commendable ways to bring together his passion for creating content and interests teamed with consistency is so commendable. And we cannot wait to see what more does he have in store for us. Also, on a side note, we hope everyone reading this is staying safe and getting their vaccination slots at the earliest.