Whether your hair is long or short we all know the struggle all too well! Dealing with tangled hair can be such a pain. It’s no secret that maintaining your hair requires constant care, especially more so if it’s curly or extra long. When you let them down they can end up becoming an uncontrollable mess of knots by the end of the day which is super frustrating. While it’s common to run into the occasional knot while running your fingers through your hair, excessive tangling can be a sign of a deeper hair issue like dryness.

Usually, there are a few reasons they get constantly tangled, like hair texture, frequency of brushing, exposure to wind, as well as the healthiness of the hair. All these factors can contribute to matting. Unfortunately, no matter the reason, not only is trying to untangle your hair time-consuming but it can be a painful task! Not to mention,  even when you’re being extra careful, brushing your hair can cause breakage, split ends and frizzy hair. But never fear, here’s where a little extra TLC can make a world of a difference. So instead of fighting a losing battle with your hairbrush read on to see how you can keep those troublesome knots at bay.

Scroll below for our best tips on how to detangle your hair and minimize knots:

1. Always condition your hair.

No matter your hair type, conditioner should be an important aspec of your haircare routine. Especially so if you’ve got thick coarse or dry hair texture because they tend to lose moisture quickly. Using the right kind of conditioner in the shower will restore the moisture back into your strands. Give the conditioner extra time to soak into the hair longer after shampooing and do its work. In fact, the secret to detangling curly hair is to use more conditioner than shampoo! Alternatively, You can also try the co-washing method, which is basically conditioning your hair before washing it. However, always remember to brush your hair to get rid of any knots before you shampoo. You don’t want to create more of a tangled mess do you.

2. Use a hair mask once a week

If you don’t already follow this step, it’s time to reconsider. Hair masks are pretty awesome and you can even find great picks at your local drugstore. Use a mask at least once a week for around 30 minutes and you’ll notice a huge difference in the condition of your hair. A good hair mask treatment can restore the hairs moisture and lost nutrients leaving it shiny, healthy and soft. Which ends up making it less prone to tangling. You can even DIY hair care masks using nourishing ingredients from your kitchen like coconut oil and more. Try experimenting with different hair masks until you find the perfect one for your hair.

3. Use a wide-tooth wooden comb

We all usually default to brushing out hair because it’s faster and easier. But in fact, you’re just damaging your locks. A better idea is to use a wide-tooth comb or special detangling brush. The right brush or comb is much gentler on the hair but also prevents frizz and breakage. Alongside this, it helps distribute the natural oils of your hair, which helps nourish your strands and make them look vibrant and shiny. All around better for your hair’s health!

4. Rinse with cold water

We all love a hot shower especially during the winter season but it leaves hair cuticles are open, which leads to frizz and tangling while drying. One way to combat this is by rinsing out your hair with cold water to seal the cuticles, close them up, ensure they dry smoothly.

5. Use less heat

We use so much heat to style our hair whether it’s to get the perfect blowout or glamourous curls on a daily. It can seem difficult to avoid hot tools altogether but you can’t deny the amount of damage they cause to your poor strands. Consistent use only leads to dry, dull hair that is prone to breakage and of course which is more prone to tangling. Try your best to find an alternative. Or at the very least use your hot tools on a low to the medium temperature setting, and always use a heat protectant before styling.

6. Pick the right products

This is crucial when it comes to hair care! There’s a whole list of ingredients you should avoid in your hair routine, namely bad or harsh chemicals. Stay away from products with alcohol! That’s a big no-no! Instead opt for natural, sulfate and alcohol-free products, which are specifically designed for your hair type. This includes serums, oils, shampoos, conditioners and more!

7. Your hairstyle matters

Sometimes you’re just fed up and want to put your hair in a bun but if you’ve done any research you would know that even a simple hair elastic can be damaging. Essentially tying your hair up tightly constantly can pull and stress out the strands causing hair breakage and split ends. Ideally, you want to try to style your hair differently each time. Why not try some cute braids or more protective hairstyles if you’ve got kinky or oily texture. Alternately you can also try gentle satin or silk scrunchies for your ponytails and/or cordless coil hair ties for your buns. The best part? At the end of the day, simply undo your hair and gently brush through and be surprised with your tangle-free hair!

What do you do to gently detangle your hair? Let me know in the comments below.

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