Last year, when a lockdown was imposed to bend the curve, many of us looked up the internet to learn certain things. Remember everyone trying out the Dalgona coffee and how most of your contacts became a baker? (oh-my-gawd, it was wild, wasn’t it?) In those unprecedented times, actor and comedian, Aadar Malik came up with an interesting series called ‘Boring Tutorials’ that are ironically everything but boring. It involves a frustrated and extremely serious Aadar walking us through some ‘how to’ lessons that are bound to crack you up and oh boy he does drop some truth bombs in there too. So, are you ready to start this amusing class?

Let the learning begin…

1. How To Make Chai At Home

Learn how to make masala chai, or ‘subah ki chai’ to be precise, from the most honest cooking tutorial by Aadar. Get your ingredients based on the number of people you’re making it for, and add them in. It’s that simple, hehe. Brb, busy printing ‘adrak zameen mein ugta hai’ on a T-shirt.

2. How To Make A Song At Home

All you need for this one is a guitar and your voice. Note down all of Aadar’s inputs and you’re good to go. Remember it’s all in the little details and having a personality is an add-on, otherwise, ‘aadhe se zyada log toh guitar dekh hi impress ho jate hai’, right?

3. How To Make The Hotel Room Your Home

If you miss hotel rooms then let Aadar teach you how to convert your room into one. Get a lot of curtains, tuck in your blanket really tight, jump on your bed, and make peace with the fact that ‘hotel ka temperature control dhong hai’. Quick tip, drink a glass of water the number of times you see Saqib Saleem, and stay hydrated, hehe.

4. How To Make It Back Home

If you have forgotten how to travel because of staying in for too long, worry not, Aadar has got you covered. Follow his ‘boring tutorial’ point to point and voila, you will make it back home, safe and sound. The most important takeaway here is to not let your mask down, wear your face shield, and maintain social distance, it is what it is!

5. How To Climb In Himachal

If you are also tempted to go on a vacation in the mountains listening to ‘Mera Dil Kahi Dur Pahado Mein Kho Gaya’ on loop, then check out this really informative tutorial by Aadar explaining how to wall climb in Himachal. Always keep in mind that you can also climb up someone’s house wall but once you’re on the other side it’s called ‘trespassing’ ;P.

6. How To Wear Ripped Jeans At Home

Has working from home hampered your ability to wear jeans? Re-learn the act of wearing that denim from Aadar the ‘jeanius’. For this, you will only require a pair of jeans and some motivation. Also, please get the concept of genes and jeans clear in your head before diving into this not-so-boring tutorial.

Aren’t these ‘boring tutorials’ epic? Let us know which lesson did you enjoy the most. We hope you are attending these classes from the comfort of your home and taking all the precautions when stepping out. Also, we urge you to get vaccinated at the earliest.