Why should you never go out if it is raining cats and dogs outside? ‘Cuz you might step in a ‘poodle’. Sorry for that bad joke, but if you’re having a ‘ruff‘ day, believe us these ‘pup-tasticReels featuring Radhika Seth and her pet poodle Barfee will turn around your bad day in a jiffy. A wise person once said, ‘dogs are a man’s best friend’ and we cannot agree more. Trigger warning, the content you’re about to read and watch is capable to melt your heart, it’s that cute, hehe.

Get ready for some ‘paw-dorable’ Reels

1. Fantastic Firsts

Ngl, our puppy fever has really gone high post-watching this cutesy Reel. We can totally see how much happiness and joy Barfee, the poodle has added to Radhika’s life. Fur babies are the best, aren’t they? After all, they are our friends ‘fur-ever’.

2. Trick And Treat

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the smartest of them all? It’s Barfee, hehe. We are sure Barfee would come first in everything if he was enrolled in a dog school, amirite? We love how ‘paw-fectly’ he has learned those tricks!

3. Bloopies With Barfee

‘Who’s got the cutest pet on the internet? I got this one, so cute.’ If this was an audio that was trending then Radhika should totally make a Reel on it, why not Barfee is so cute after all! On a side note, being a ‘paw-rent’ isn’t that easy and we can totally understand it from what’s happening in this adorable Reel.

4. Raise Your Paws

If you can’t help smiling at this Reel, give us a high five! Aren’t they one unbeatable dream team when it comes to being cute and wholesome? We just cannot stop gushing over this delightful duo.

5. Just A Lil’ Happy Dog

Let us all raise a toast to this adorable duo for making our day so much better with their cutesy content. Today happens to be ‘World Gratitude Day’ and we would like to thank these two for adding so much ‘paw-sitivity’ to our feed. Radhika’s Reels makes us want to adopt a good pet like Barfee too, hehe.

6. Sweet Soulmates

Radhika believes that Barfee could be her soulmate and we would not deny it even a bit. The bond they share is warm and pure filled with love, loyalty, and laughter. We anyway believe that furry friends win over everything, right?

7. That’s Just My Baby Dog

Need I say more? This has to be the cutest Reel on the ‘gram so far. We love how happy Barfee is to meet Radhika. Even though she was away from him for just five days, his excitement shows how much he missed his hooman, aww.

We love to watch these two together and we absolutely can’t get over how cute they are. Aren’t they aww-worthy?  On a side note, we hope you’re staying home and abiding by all the guidelines. Don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending on Instagram to know more about your favourite influencers!