Watching creators post their latest pictures is fun and exciting, but let me tell you what’s even more fun. Searching for their childhood pictures and how they looked back then. Yes, we are super sweet as we have made a small gesture to bring a smile to their faces and your faces as well 'cuz who doesn't like going back to childhood? Well then, we would love to show you all what we've discovered. Now get yourself ready to go all ‘awwwww’ and scroll down for this nostalgic wagon to begin!

Bachpan Ka Pyaar...

1. Siddharth Nigam

Doesn't he always manage to charm us with his looks? Getting a sneak peek into his goofy childhood has totally made us go back in time. How is it possible for a carousel to carry this much cuteness? Ngl, our fave picture from this is the second one where he looks so innocent and adorable.

2. Kusha Kapila

Who dis? Let’s all just agree that seeing the younger Kusha has made us fall in love with her even more. Honestly, we're so happy to see her cracking us up today with her hilarious jokes! Also, we think she loves twinning even if it's with the balloon, hahah.

3. Komal Pandey

Wait, can you spot the 'Kween' of fashion in this picture? If not then let us help you here. The girl sitting towards the left in short hair is her. Ngl, we can look at this picture all day without getting bored 'cuz it just brings in so much happiness and attachment. This click is defo taking us back to those days when we used to gather around with our relatives to play some fun games.

4. Dolly Singh

Aww, little Dolly looks exactly like a cute doll. What really got us talking about this picture is her super 'aww-dorable' hairstyle. It legit got us gushing over this picture in no time. We really think she should recreate this look.

5. Kritika Khurana

Oh my my! She recently shared this picture right before turning a year older and bolder and we haven't stopped scrolling her feed ever since. This picture is proof that she has always been an animal lover. Someone said it right, some things from our childhood never leave us even when we grow up. For thatbohogirl, it's her love for doggos.

6. Aashna Shroff

Hahaha, we have to be really honest here. For us, these are a few of her best clicks till date. And we kid you not, she looks so much like her mumma in all her childhood pics. These pictures are proof of how she aces the art of posing today. If this isn’t a frame filled with cuteness, then we don’t know what is.

7. Sejal Kumar

Awww, this cutie sitting by the rocks has stolen our hearts. But why so angry Sejal, hahha. No wonder how she manages to always make up our mood with her lewks. Who knew that this lil' girl would grow up to be such a delightful singer and a major fashion inspiration to all of us.

8. Ankush Bahuguna

Yes! It’s true that this lil' boy you see right here is now killing it on the ‘gram with his awesome makeup tutorials and relatable content. We should totes thank him for sharing this handsome and wholesome picture from his childhood. Also, are you gonna think we’re greedy if we ask for more, heheh?

9. Siddharth Batra

OMG, is it just us, or do you all have your mouth wide open in disbelief too? We still can't believe our eyes and get our hearts to accept the fact that this is Siddharth. Honestly, so happy to see this munchkin right here all grown into being a full-fledged fashion mogul. This picture is indeed heart-filling! <3

We know that you can’t get enough of these pictures but we'll have to stop now or else we'll literally be in tears. We surely had a great time going through all these childhood pictures of the creators and we're pretty sure you must have too! On a side note, we hope you guys are staying home and keeping yourself and your family safe and healthy while booking your vaccine slots.