To call Ananya Birla‘s body of music catchy would be a massive understatement and her latest release, When I’m Alone, is no different. At first listen, it automatically strikes you as a song that is about rediscovering yourself and getting in touch with the real you, the person you can only really get to when you are alone.

At different stages in your life, it’s always a good idea to check in with yourself and see what you need because as you evolve, your needs change too.

About the music video

Through this song Ananya shares more of herself than we have seen previously. And through the course of the week, leading up to today’s video launch, she told her fans a little bit about what she does when she’s alone… Whether it’s upskilling through YouTube videos or staring at the ceiling, writing poetry in the middle of the night and crying in the shower, I find it all very, very relatable.

The full video is peppered with details about Ananya’s life like where she was born, where she had her first date and other defining life moments that made her who she is today. The one thing that did not come as a surprise though is that Ananya is Team Chai through and through. And if that is not her inner desi girl representing, I don’t know what is!

Go watch the video now and check out all the personal stories and baby footage and so much more cuteness for yourself!