Yo, bro! Who got you smiling like that? Well, my answer to this has to be A-Wall – Loverboy the trending audio that has people celebrating what makes them happy and smile. Currently, it’s the most popular song on Instagram and millions of people are creating Reels on it. Every time I hear this song it legit puts me in a good mood instantly. If you, my friend are having a tough day then you’ve come to the right place cause, these all-smiles Reels of creators will turn your day 3x brighter in a jiffy.

Ready. Set. Smile.

1. Anmol Sachar

First of all, Anmol, you make me smile a little brighter every day with your content. This Reel literally got me hungry and how? Brownie points for sprinkling some spice to this trending audio. A true foodie like me will 100% relate to your sentiments, hehe. After all, good food equals to good mood, amirite? Brb, craving some ‘paani-puri’ right now!

2. Malini Agarwal

Well, boss lady, Malini Agarwal never leaves a chance to spread smiles, positivity and good vibes on my feed. Absolutely love how she expressed her gratitude towards everyone who showered so much love towards the launch of ‘Ignite Edge‘, a new vertical by MissMalini. Well, if you are looking for some more smiles and happy faces then you should defo check out the Girl Tribe App by MissMalini right away!

3. Mrunal Panchal

If you can’t help smiling at this Reel, give me a high five! Hayee, #Mrunirudh exactly knows how to make us all fall in love with them. Love how little things bring a smile to Mrunu’s face.  Ani, a clean shave makes you look like a prince charming and that’s what makes your princess happy! 😛

4. Unnati Malharkar

Honestly, #Unnav the couple that is the talk of the town look so happy together. Looks like this audio was specially made for this ‘aww-dorable’ Reel. What can be cuter than Unnati creating a Reel on this trending audio? It’s Mr.Mnv the reason behind her blushing smile, don’t you agree? Applying virtual ‘kala teeka’ to these two cuties.

5. Sherry Shroff

Trigger warning, this Reel above is capable to melt your heart, it’s that cute, hehe. Gosh, how can this not be a reason behind that perfect smile? I wish I had someone who looked at me just like Mars here looking at Sherry’s ice cream. This duo is always adding so much ‘paw-sitivity’ to my feed, I love it!

6. Sahil Shah

This Reel of Sahil Shah has convinced me to adopt a good pet like BagelThePirate too, hehe. It’s true that only furry friends can give you such unconditional love that will keep you smiling all day, every day.

7. Tanya Khanijow

I’m so sure all the travel enthusiasts would relate to Tanya Khanijow’s Reel! Well, her oh-so-beautiful views and little moments of the journey can make anyone automatically smile. What I love about this Reel is that it has a happy vibe throughout.

8. Karishma Govil

Ngl, but my doggo fever has really gone high watching this cutesy Reel. Tbh, doggos can uplift your mood and add so much happiness and joy to your life. Aren’t they the best cuddle partners? Now, I know the secret behind that shining smile, Karishma.

So here were a few Reels on the most viral song on social media, ‘Loverboy’. This viral trend revealed what makes our fave creators smile. Also, it spread so much positivity on my ‘gram. Every time I came across a Reel on this audio I just could not stop myself from smiling too. Also, on a side note, I hope everyone reading this is staying safe and taking their vaccination shots.