3 Signs Someone Is Good For You

3 Signs Someone Is Good For You

Suruchi Patwary

When it comes to relationships; romantic relationships, friendships, relationships with colleagues and acquaintances, we're often told about what's not good for us. "Don't date a workaholic", "Don't live with your boyfriend for too long if he isn't making a lifetime commitment", and "Stay away from men who are married". However, when you really think about it, there are things that are actually beneficial to our mental health states such as having someone who's supportive or confronting problems as they arise instead of ignoring them.

Devina Kaur
Devina Kaur

Devina Kaur, author of Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious and an inspirational speaker talks about signs that suggest someone is good for you, what to look for in a person. She started off by saying,

Someone who is an all-round good partner and has the potential to be the person who you want to be with forever will help you evolve to your next level of authenticity. They have qualities that align with what you desire in all aspects of life. There's an old saying that goes: "If you can trust somebody with anything, you can trust them with your heart."
Most of us will know this intuitively; we put our trust in people because they seem trustworthy and will be honest with us. If somebody continually makes the effort to prove themselves as trustworthy and continues to show integrity then that person deserves a chance to be considered as a potential romantic partner.

Here are 3 signs that suggest someone is good for you:

1. Knowledge: They Recognise Your Being

Happy Couple By santypan | www.shutterstock.com
Happy Couple

You can completely be your raw, crazy self around them and vice versa. This is the part of you who you have learnt to accept through your own self-awareness and figuring out your likes, dislikes and all that encompasses your unique and authentic self. A true partner, in life, in crime, in friendship will be the best person to go to. Someone who will laugh at all of your jokes, calm you down when life stresses you out, and who will offer their own thoughts and insight into the world which will help you grow together as a team.

You will feel like they understand who you are better than anyone else does; they know what makes you happy and this is because you trust them enough to talk openly about feelings without the fear of judgement or incorrect assumptions.

2. Acceptance: They Draw Inspiration Out Of You

Happy Couple By Fergus Coyle | www.shutterstock.com
Happy Couple

Don't know where to start on a task? Ask the person in the relationship who is usually the one starting initiatives and shows enthusiasm about advice on what to do. When you are able to accept yourself and your partner as you both are, you wil be able to use strengths and balance out your weaknesses to create a power couple and team.

Remember that no part of you is your own enemy. In that way, things will get done effectively and efficiently. Absorbing advice from the person who inspires you is integral for doing any endeavor better. This person might even contribute their own aura of encouragement which would make all impossible tasks seem easier by this added boost of morale of inspiration.

3. Unveil: They're Someone With A Sense Of Humour

Couple Laughing By Jacob Lund | www.shutterstock.com
Couple Laughing

"A person that makes you truly laugh out loud is exceptionally rare." Consider laughing 100 times a day, just like I do. People that are able to make another personal feel really good about themselves by living life positively and happily are true gems. A common trait of this type of person is their ability to see the world through rose tinted glasses. People who have this gift are often seen as goofy and silly, yet they are capable of encouraging an atmosphere where stress doesn't exist. When people don't take themselves too seriously and laugh at themselves every once in a while, then it's possible that they can help you to have a positive mood when times get tough or just to cheer you up in general.

Love is the most divine and beautiful thing. It can be given and received in times of happiness, hardships, and despair. It takes no time to develop feelings for someone who is good for you, it happens very instinctively. There is seldom a single moment when you can't find something to laugh about with your lover. They always seem to know exactly how you feel at every moment, they listen attentively and they give support without being prompted. It's an empowering journey worth the leap of faith it requires. Relationships are important in our lives and the right partnerships empower us.

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