It’s Fri-yay. Is there anything not to love about this day? After all, it’s the end of a long week and the start of the most-awaited weekend. Let us make it extra special by bringing to you some amazing filters. Whenever you feel like adding something extra to your pictures such as a sun-kissed, glow, moody or B&W effect, you can always count on Instagram filters to have your back. We all know how exciting it is to try out new filters and that’s why every Friday we come up with new filters for y’all. And once again we’re back with 7 fabulous filters. You should defo check these out, who knows if one of these will turn out to be your all-time fave.

Try scrolling, trying, clicking and liking…

1. Monday- Plastic by Chirag Sawant

Plastic by Chirag Sawant

Every Monday we all look for something new and exciting to drag ourselves out of the bed, it’s the hardest day of the week, amirite? So, here’s a unique filter for you to try out so that you can get that extra push to begin the week. It’s a splendid combination of coloured reflections, subtle grainy effects, and a pinch of blush. Filters like these always find their way to our selfies with their uniqueness.

2. Tuesday- Baby world by Sudarshan Poojary

Baby World by Sudarshan Poojary

If you’re looking for a filter that gives you a fuji cam effect, look no more ‘cuz we have found one for you. This one is supremely diverse as it is a 4-in-1 filter. The best part is that each of these 4 filters is very much different from each other, isn’t that amazing? It’s defo a one-stop filter to play around with different effects.

3. Wednesday- Amber by Atharvaa Shinde

Amber by Atharvaa Shinde

What is that this filter doesn’t have? We can see it give a balmy effect to the picture with a mix of yellowish, reddish, and brownish shades. All these shades are mixed in just the right proportions to give your photo some extra zing. You can get a perfect sun-kissed click using this filter.

4. Thursday- Effortless by Pallavi Gaba

Effortless by Pallavi Gaba

If you don’t feel like applying anything on your face and still want that no-makeup makeup look, pals you’ve found what you are looking for. Effortless by Pallavi Gaba is totes a filter you’d fall in love with. With this filter, you can instantly get your eyes concealed and your cheeks flushed. Now we can see that you can’t wait to try out this filter hehe!

5. Friday- Desi Babe by Kanjanii

Desi Babe by Kanjanii

OMG, never have we ever thought filters could make us look all desi without even dressing up. We just loveee everything about this filter, the black bindi, the nose ring, the instant blush, and whatnot. If only getting ready for a traditional event was this easy IRL.

6. Saturday- Coffee Love by Brandon Pinto

Coffee Love by Brandon Pinto

All coffee-lovers assemble, please! With this filter, you can literally give life to your love for coffee. You can use this filter to click a selfie any time of the day and get effortlessly beautiful selfies feeling as fresh as a morning cup of hot coffee in a room full of its sweet aroma.

7. Sunday- Cream by Teen Touched

Cream by Teen Touched

Coming to today’s last filter, we always believe in shandaar endings. So here we have an awesome filter to end this week’s set of filters with Cream by @teentouched on Instagram. You can literally choose to click your on-the-go pictures with this filter. You’ll be surprised to see how it brightens up your clicks in no time.

Now we’ve come to the end fellas. We think you should defo try out these filters over the weekend. Next week we’ll be back with more amazing filters to help you revamp your selfies. Also, we hope y’all are staying safe at your homes and are vaccinated or booking slots for the same!