As a creator, it is important to create content that is not only entertaining but also relatable. Well, here’s a very ‘focused’ creator who strikes this balance perfectly and makes incredibly hilarious content with perfect comic timing. Yes, you guessed it right it’s the one and only ‘focused human’, Karan Sonawane a.k.a. Focusedindian. Every time we come across Karan’s content we end up screaming, ‘hell yeah, it’s me‘, hehe!  Well, today Focusedindian has become a household name when it comes to witty, relatable and funny content. I would give him 100 points for creativity and for his reliability. Wanna know more about the boy who will do anything and everything for entertainment, scroll away and find out!

About Karan Sonawane a.k.a. Focusedindian

Karan Sonawane is a popular face in the digital industry whose main aim is to observe, create content and make his audience ROFLing. Be it YouTube, Instagram or Creator Collabs you will find Karan’s name reflecting on top of every list. If you ask me, what is Karan’s USP? My answer would be, his original and hilarious self. His content is so from the heart that it’s hard not to say, same to same. We have seen Focusedindian collab and create content with creators like Dhanashree Verma, Ashish Chanchlani, Viraj Ghelani and the list continues. I am super proud to see Karan grow and achieve such great milestones.

Exclusive: We got the opportunity to know more about Karan

1. Tell us about your journey as a digital creator. When and how did you decide on creating content?

Content creation was unexpected for me. I dropped out of college in 2012. After dropping out, I knew that I can’t do anything in life apart from entertaining people. Started theatres, switched to Standup comedy in 2014, and then finally encountered content creation on the internet in 2015.

2. ‘Focused Indian’ how did you think of this unique name, what is the story behind it?

In 2015, there were a lot of things going on in India and I thought nobody is focused. So, I decided to be one and named myself ‘FocusedIndian’ and my lovers, supporters are part of ‘FocusedMandal’ who are focused like me.

3. Was there an inspiration/ role model who encouraged you to become a content creator?

When I started, I had no inspiration. I just wanted to act. Then, in 2015 I encountered the vine app and the creators on it like KingBach, Anwar Jibawi, Logan Paul, Adam Waheed who inspired me a lot to make content that can amaze you in seconds.

4. Speaking about uniqueness, your content is 100% different and hilarious. How do you manage to create content that is witty and at the same time super relatable?

I make witty content because I am witty, crazy and besharam in real life and I think that helps me a lot in making content. Talking about relatability, it’s simple. If I and my friends relate to my content then I make it. If not, then I don’t because if I haven’t experienced it myself then it is not easy for me to present it to my audience in a natural way.

5. What kind of challenges do you face while creating content and how do you overcome them?

The challenge for me which I love the most is not making my content but making branded content. Making content that makes the brand and your audience happy is the most challenging thing for me as an artist. You should never take both of them for granted. I overcome it by burning all my brain cells, thinking from all aspects and shelling out the best of the idea.

6. Share one quirky fact about you that no one knows till now.

I am connected to sports and movies on a spiritual level.

7. Speaking about content creation and the digital industry, according to you where do you see it coming in the near future?

The scope of content creation and the digital industry is endless. In the near future, it is going to explode with many new talented artists and brands who are going to invest in those artists.

8. Are you working on something currently? What can we expect from you in the near future when it comes to content?

Currently, I am working on making videos and more videos on my Instagram profile, going level up and competing against myself to be better than yesterday because that will showcase my work as an artist and will get me more work. In terms of work, many more web series, sketch videos are coming up. Movie, hopefully soon.

9. We have seen you collaborate with many content creators. Well, who is your dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration is the King of Bollywood – Shah Rukh Khan, the King of vines – King Bach and the King of Rap – Divine.

10. An advice you would like to share with all the budding digital creators who wish to create content to entertain.

Be honest to your art and your audience. Kick the number game out of your brain and focus on the quality of your work. If the focus on the quality of your work is your top-notch priority, then numbers and brands are going to focus on you and you only. Also, people are not going to remember you for the numbers. They are going to remember you for the quality of your work, always and forever.

People say laughter is the best medicine and in that case, Focusedindian is my medicine. My one-stop destination for all hilariously accurate and entertaining content. This is the reason why Karan gets so much love and support from his fans. In the world of social media and content creation, Focusedindian really made his mark and has truly come a long way in such a short span of time. If you haven’t checked out this channel yet, click here.

On a side note, during these uncertain times, we truly hope that you and your loved ones are doing well and staying home and safe at the same time booking your vaccine lots as and when needed.