Chai time is the best time, amirite! It is warm, cozy, and always ready to give you company, what else does one need? It is safe to say that chai is our ‘saccha pyaar’, isn’t it? But seriously, you can always count on a cup of hot tea for all the comfort you need. Now, get yourselves a hot cup of chai and scroll through these creators ‘spill some tea’ on what it is to be a chai person.

Let’s all have a cup of positivi-tea!

1. Dolly Singh

Starting with this quali-tea documentary by Dolly where she has aptly described exactly what it is to be a chai addict. We can totally imagine all chai lovers vigorously nod their heads in agreement when she says ‘sardi ho ya garmi, haath mein na chai ka cup hona zaroori hai’. Kaafi relatable, haina?

2. Sukriti Chaturvedi

The ratio of the chai patti, chinni and adrak need to be exactly right for it to hit us right in the feels, amirite! Here’s our cut-tea, Sukriti quite literally depicting all thoughts that go through a chai person’s head when asked, if they would like to have some tea? Brb, need to give special instructions for our tea now.

3. Ankush Bahuguna

Ankush here has a point to make and we totes agree that the only way to have chai is to slurp and make the ‘aah’ sound at the end. Otherwise, one does not do full justice to drinking tea. Brb, on our way to make a cup of chai for ourselves.

4. Srishti Dixit

Haha, we all talk about chai lovers and addicts but what about chai’s feelings? In this hilarious video, Srishti has absolutely nailed it at what it would be like, to be a cup of chai. The identity crisis on whether I am chai or water must be hard, lol.

5. Shirin Sewani

Let’s face it, there is no correct time for chai, in fact, it’s always chai time, right? In this Reel, Shirin and Sukriti have tea-rifically shown how amazing it is to have friends who also share the same love for chai. There can’t be a better song selection than ‘vibe teri meri mildi aa’, for this one, hehe.

So on a scale of 1 to 10 how tempted are you to have a cup of tea right now? Haven’t these creators exposed all the chai lovers to bits! On a side note, we hope that you all are vaccinated and if not booking a slot while enjoying your virtual tea party.