Surfing the content on Instagram has gone from looking at what your friends and favourite people are up to checking out and hopping on to latest trends. And every week, there’s a new trend that gets introduced that leaves everyone stunned. The most recent trend that hit us right in the feel is the ‘Ayy Macarena‘ one. This number is one we have heard a million times in our childhood days and of course done the hook step too. And with this number making a comeback on the internet, creators couldn’t help but jump on the Reel trend bandwagon. Check out who all tried out this trend here!

Ready. Set. Scroll!

1. Nagma Mirajkar

We are in love with Nagma Mirajkar’s version of the ‘Ayy Macarena‘ trend. The transition from cute to swagger is so smooth in this one that we can’t get enough of it. Can you?

2. Anam Darbar

Anam Darbar’s take on this trend is defo high on the fun and quirk factor here. What we absolutely love is how the vibe of this Reel is super chill and that desi touch sure does make this Reel stand out.

3. Aadil Khan

This Reel by Aadil Khan on the ‘Ayy Macarena‘ trend with Arhaan Khan is super cute. And if this is a dance routine that Arhaan has picked up in just 20 minutes, we’re highly impressed. Sorry Aadil, but the little man sure did steal the limelight here!

4. Zaid Darbar

Talk about making a trend an absolute fun riot! We love how Zaid adds his own unique touch and twists to Reel trends just like in this one. Oh and also, a special mention about the swagger vibe that always makes his content ah-mazing, amirite?

5. Nicole Concessao

Gotta trust Nicole to create some stunning dance Reels. We absolutely love the zoom in and out effects and that colour change in the background. Also, the choreo looks so amazing, that we’re saving this one to try out for sure, what about you?

6. Jissa Paul

If you’re up for a Reel inspo on the ‘Ayy Macarena’ trend to try out with your squad then, this one by Jissa can be your go-to one. The camera effects and edit are so cool and those smooth dance moves are totally for your squad and you can absolutely try them out.

So these were some of the fun Reels tried by creators on the ‘Ayy Macarena‘ trend that sure did hit us with the nostalgia vibe. And the groovy beats this number has, got us wanting to jump up and try out the trend right away. So if you’re looking for some motivation to try out this trend, we hope this list was of help to you. Also, on a side note, we hope everyone reading this is staying safe and have taken your vaccination shots.