It’s always fun to scroll through the ‘gram and watch the creators never missing out on any Reel trends. Watching them doing these trends makes us wanna try them out too. The best part is how these Reel audios get stuck in our heads for days and sometimes even for weeks. If you’re a constant scroller on Instagram, we’re sure that @themermaidscales is no new name for you. The amount of effort and creativity she invests in creating unique content deserves a huge round of applause. She keeps up the same level of energy when it comes to jumping on to the trend wagons. No matter which trending Reel it is, we can always see her adding her own twists to it. So then why not check out some of her quirky trends.

Are you ready to enter the world of @themermaidscales?

1.  Let me be your woman

She is totes showing her love for anime in the above Reel. All the anime fans like her are obviously gonna nod their head in agreement after watching this Reel. Now, we know what you’re thinking, heheh! Krutika can never disappoint us with her content, amirite guys?

2. Uber everywhere

We find this Reel so damn relatable! Any clue as to why do our friends always do this to us? For them on birthdays, it’s always about posting our embarrassing pictures and a big no to our best pictures, ugh. But it’s totally fine after all everything is fair in love and friendship. How Krutika twisted this trending Reel to such a relatable one is what caught us by surprise.

3. On the floor

Hahah, we loved how she covered up her embarrassment which literally got us rolling on the floor laughing. Ngl, she totes had us when she said ‘I was correcting your grammar’. When everyone used this audio to create transitional Reels, this gurl right here decided to crank it up with her exceptional sense of humour and content game.

4. Low remix

Damn, the creativity in this Reel is just out of the world. With the car stunt, we’re defo getting some Rohit Shetty movie vibes from this Reel, hahaha. Also, her rendition is perfectly matching the audio here. Imagine what it’d be like if we threw up in the middle of someone kidnapping us. Okay, we were kidding stop imagining now.

5. Stay

Krutika needs no drones to do this ongoing challenge. She used ‘Stay’ to show us how some anime characters are gonna take it if we offer them chocolates. Hence, she made this Reel defo worth watching for all the anime fans out there.

6. Get into it

A little alone time inside the car with some soothing music can always get to us, isn’t it? Most of the time, we don’t even realize to spare some moments thinking about what people walking past the car would think. If only we had this much courage to dance in public.

7. Touch it

Krutika has effectively used this song to present how short people find it difficult to whisper in their tall friends’ ears and how they have to bend over every time their short friend wants to speak something, hahaha! Gurl, you’re a genius at creating content.

That’s about it peeps! Didn’t you find these Reels hilarious and relatable, just like us? Krutika has legit done a great job at twisting these trending Reels to amaze her fans. Also, we hope that you are adhering to the Covid-19 norms and getting your vaccination slots booked.