Actress Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya earned a very different name and image with her stance on Khatron Ke Khiladi 11. Fondly, known as ‘MagarRani’ when the actress entered the top 2 with Arjun Bijlani everyone hoped for her to win the title. However, it was Arjun who was announced as the winner. And while many have been questioning this decision of the show makers, looks like a lot of contestants are also not satisfied with Arjun’s victory. Some have expressed their displeasure and now Divyanka also opened up about being hurt with the decision.

In an interview with Mid-Day, the actress went on to share that showing her strong side and garnering the love she got made her feel on cloud 9. She said,

Sometimes God doesn’t give you what you want but gives you what you require at that point in life. May be he needed the victory today and I need the love coming my way. May be I needed recognition for what I always was, but people did not know this adventurous side of me. Honestly, when the winner was announced, yes, I did feel bad. I call my injuries my medals, but I won’t say the same about this one. I’m still coming to terms with it because it hurt me.

She further added,

Other than the 5-10 seconds, when the winner was announced, I have not been sad. I feel victorious and it’s not just because I’m strong. It’s because of the love being showered on me. I’m grateful to my fans, followers, and even complete strangers who come up to me and say I saw you work and respect it. I feel victorious, it’s not about the trophy but what the journey has made me. It has given me the strength to get over this disappointment.

Well, I was also sad to see Divyanka taking the second spot, but that’s what reality game shows are all about, right? I am sure after this too, Divyanka will bounce back and soon treat all of us to something amazing.