What better day to talk about podcast than on #InternationalPodcastDay? Lately, podcast discussions have become the talk of the town 'cuz of how effective and convenient it is. You can hear them on your way to work just like any other music genre. Coming to the beautiful sister duo, Deeksha and Kritika Khurana, who started their podcast journey at the beginning of 2020, they sure have come a long way! They've got a few amazing topics that I'd love to tell you all about. So, scroll down to discuss a few topics with me.

Let's check your microphones...

1. Social media is the future

As creators, they always have first-hand information as to how you can build your profile on social media as well as the ways to grow. Social media is the future of the digital world. As said by Deeksha, try to put your content out if you really love what you do, be it anything! Also, a small tip from me would be don't let the negative comments stop the passion of creating in you.  

2. Workload management

Deeksha is stating major facts here and I can relate to this to another level.  She's speaking this from experience and that's what makes me feel more connected to her story. There was a time where her clothing brand was getting too much for her 'cuz of the amount of work and pressure that goes behind it. However, she consulted Kritika and she helped her out as to how she could manage work while being an influencer too. Such people who give you motivation are real angels!

3. Breaking stereotypes

Here they've straight-up motivated all the people watching their podcasts. They always try to break the social barriers with their content. Speaking about coming out, it is perfectly natural and important to do so without the fear of people judging you. Besides this, educating their audience on such matters also kinda helps them have an open mind.

4. Die down negative thoughts

Let's be honest, all of us have been through these phases once in our life at least. Negative thoughts usually overpower the positive ones but what we wanna try and work on is the contradictory. Negativity will only break you down as a person and make you weak. However, positivity will help you become a better person today and tomorrow. So, stop feeding your negative thoughts and find things that bring positivity to your life. A pro tip: surround yourself with people who motivate and encourage you.  

5. Fan moments

Let me tell you this, creators and influencers might not know who you are but they always love meeting and watching your edits made for them. And what brings an even bigger smile to their faces is when you'll give your regards to the other members of the creator's family. It helps in building that emotional contact too. Also, Kritika and Deeksha fans are literally their fam too!

6. Girl talk

I'm so sure that all the gurls in the house will relate to this at its utmost. There have been times that we avoid people just by using the loo but looks like in Kritika's case it's the opposite of that, haha. But I'm glad she got out of it easily, hehe. Also, I feel, washroom stories are really funny and interesting to know so, thanks Kritika for sharing this with all of us.

However, these are just a few gists of their podcast discussions and not the entire episode. They've spoken on many more interesting topics which I defo think you should check out. So, to know more about this creator duo, do check out their podcast. On a side note, I hope you guys are staying safe while getting your vaccine slots booked.