The ‘rise and rise’ of Kusha Kapila is one that is definitely commendable. This creator‘s content often inspired by real-life situations and masked with sarcasm and comedy has been making us laugh and nod our heads with relatability simultaneously. Here are a few of Kusha’s videos that’re so good and hilarious that you’ll defo either go ‘haha‘ or “I know right” or probably, both! Check ‘em out.

Scroll away…

1. “Aur bata”

Kusha Kapila’s here addressing issues that are so common and yet no one has spoken about it. Tbh, the number of times we have been in this situation and thought about why can’t people just figure out the context of the call beforehand is zillion!

2. An extrovert’s monologue

To all the extroverts out there, ain’t this Reel by Kusha just absolute feels. Like, probably the truth bombs dropped in this one is bang-on that even the introverts probably would agree to Kusha. Don’t you agree?

3. Hunger pangs

This war between the brain and tummy is age-old. And this very apt depiction of the situation is hilariously true. Also, who would’ve thought about using this hit Bollywood song from the 90s for the solid hunger pangs situation. Only Kusha… you genius!

4. Pettyglottis

After watching this Reel by Kusha, there was surely a wave of “That’s meeee” screams that could be heard in our heads. Like legit, ain’t this all of us, if not often but at least once in our lives. Also, this is us, declaring ‘Pettyglottis‘ as our new favourite word!

5. Team ‘I Love Sleep’

Ever been in a situation where no matter how much you sleep, it just doesn’t seem enough? And if you love sleeping, and can often fall asleep peacefully anytime, anywhere, this Reel is just relatability max!

6. Truth bombs!

Hail, 90s kids! This Reel has truth bombs being dropped by Kusha. The facts pointed out are 100% accurate with that touch of comedy and we don’t blame you if you give this video a standing ovation. And to Kusha too, of course!

So here were a few Reels by Kusha Kapila that were bang-on relatable and hilarious. And of course, we have saved them all on the ‘gram cause they are legit that good. Tbh, we’re always looking forward to what this creator has in store for us. Also, Kusha, you’re doing such a fab job, thank you for being such a wholesome entertainer who brightens up our dull days. On a side note, we hope everyone reading this, enjoyed watching these Reels and are staying safe too.