“Hello”, we are absolutely in love with Sakshi Shivdasani’s Instagram lately and it legit makes us wonder if there’s anything that she can’t do! From transitions, trends, pov’s, fits, mini vlogs to making the utmost relatable Reels that make you scream ‘IKR’, Sakshi is totes ruling the insta-game. We love how smoothly she is nailing it all as well. Scroll your way through her content and see for yourself how she is doing it all and that too in her own element. Also, heyy! we are almost sure that the ‘boy you are talking to’ might be a fan of hers too, hehe.

Here we go…

1. Fashion

Sakshi being herself is our favourite genre of her content. We totes love how she has aced re-creating these Hailey Bieber outfits. Her fashion Reels along with her self-deprecating humour are what makes her content so much enjoyable and relatable to watch.

2. Mini Vlogs

If you want to romanticize your life, mini vlog it, easy! Will it be safe to say that Sakshi began the mini vlog series in India? Not even kidding, we wait for these vlogs religiously cause they are hands down our favourite. The simplicity is what we love the most about them.

3. Transitions

We absolutely love how smooth this transition is. If we were to describe it in a word, it would defo be effortless, much like Sakshi’s personality. She holds the power to make people go from “wow” to “woah” in minutes and we totally love it to bits.

Not only is she winning in life but also in keeping up with the trends. And obviously adding her own flavour to them is what makes her so damn amazing as a creator. On a side note, we would love to share a bottle of water with Himesh Reshammiya too. Hahaha, Sakshi, what a comeback!

5. Rants

It’s a humble request to all the peeps out there to please let us be at peace with our fears, we are already too tensed to get over them. We are sure that if we drink a glass of water in agreement with all of Sakshi’s rants, our skin will glow with all the hydration ‘cuz she is always on point, duh!

6. Relatable

Well, isn’t it a thing to always think about the next meal even before having the current one? If speaking what’s on everyone’s mind was a sport in the Olympics, Sakshi would always bring home a gold medal. Amirite!

Isn’t she an all rounder? Let us know which of these series by Sakshi do you enjoy the most. On a side note, we hope you’re enjoying Sakshi’s shenanigans while staying indoors unless necessary and staying safe.