Whether it be from your grandmother or your trusted ol’ magazine… I’m sure you’ve heard these hair rumours and stories a million times but that doesn’t make it true, right? A few of these hair myths have been around for a while but then again, not everything can be the gospel truth. We’re here today to put those false notions and myths to rest, and make it known about the most common misconceptions out there. Hairstylist and Founder of BBlunt, Adhuna Bhabani is going to bust 5 hair myths we thought we had figured out…

Myth 1: Getting a trim every 5-6 months help your hair health and makes it grow faster.

Hair growth takes place at the roots, not at the ends… Therefore cutting or trimming the ends of your hair won’t really affect the follicles that are the main reason for hair growth.

Aduna goes on to say that, “If you trim your hair every 4-6 weeks will prevent you from getting split ends, and as a result of that will appear healthier, shinier and happier!”

Myth 2: Pulling out your grey hair causes more greying.

This is a common misconception! Greying is mostly determined by genetics and/or ageing and stress. As we age, our body produces less melanin (the molecules in charge of your hair’s colour), which causes the greying. Stress in another factor that is said to cause/speed up greying but there is still too little scientific evidence to prove that.


Myth 3: Your hair gets used to the same shampoo.

Actually, yes. Your hair can get used to the same shampoo. It’s like taking a course of medication—once the problem that it was designed for has been overcome, then that issue is gone away and you can probably look at changing your shampoo.

Myth 4: You need to brush your hair with a 100 strokes a day.

Whether or not you were told this by your grandma or relative, or read it a really old magazine, the truth is this:

The action of brushing would stimulate the blood flood which feeds the root of the hair, therefore giving you a healthy sclap and healthy hair. So the massaging action is was actually stimulates the blood flow… You can do it by brushing, by using your fingers and massage the scalp while washing your hair. So it’s not mandatory to do it just by brushing 100 strokes a day.

Myth 5: Having daily hair supplements can give you healthier hair.

I’ve seen that supplements can and do help in certain cases but I think as a general rule, a good, healthy and balanced diet, the right amount of water and exercise throught the day can help contribute to a healthy head of hair.

There you go, some of a the basic and most crucial hair myths debunked! Have you heard of any more? Let us know below!

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