Photos: Bigg Boss 15's Jungle Themed House Is No Less Than A Wonderland

Photos: Bigg Boss 15's Jungle Themed House Is No Less Than A Wonderland

Nawaz Kochra

'Come fly with me' is what the Bigg Boss 15 house says this year. For a very long time, there have been various speculations about how the house will look this year. Especially after the jungle theme was announced, viewers have been quite excited to know what the makers have in store this season. Well, let me tell you, the pictures of the house are out and the jungle ka dangal is truly going to make BB 15 a season to remember.

I know you are very excited to know about the house, so without further ado, let me tell you, this year's house is no less than a paradise. Not only the jungle, but the main house is also marvelous. The fun part is there is no garden area this year, it's just the jungle and the swimming pool is now a pond. Not just this the jungle area has everything made of grass, even the sofas, while the main house is no less than a swanky dream. Brimming with lavishness, the Bigg Boss house as always is going to take contestants on a wild ride. No matter how much I say, you will only know when you see the house.  

So, check out the pictures here:

Designed by the talented artist and filmmaker Omung Kumar and Vanita Omung Kumar, the Bigg Boss house has been aesthetically built to give contestants a flavour of the innumerable sankats they will face to face from the very beginning. Talking about the house Omung says,

"Designing the Bigg Boss house creatively every year comes with its own set of challenges. While it is a place where the contestants stay locked in under strict surveillance for months at a stretch, it needs to have a combination of luxury and hardships. But this season, we have innovated a lot since the house had to be a jungle and we had to bring that alive through every corner of the house. So, while you will find the garden area turned into a jungle with lots of greens, flowers, hangings and barks, you also see a reflection of jungle and animals inside the house as well. Floral prints, animal structures, huge wings give the house a surreal vibe that will sometimes comfort the housemates while sometimes play a spoilsport. The house has been very interestingly designed and I hope the contestants and viewers like it.”

I am surely excited for Salman Khan - hosted Bigg Boss 15 to kickstart from tonight and I know after seeing these pictures, you too cannot wait to see the reality show. Stay tuned!